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12 Days 2009: Day 6… Catch up..

December 20, 2009 1 comment

Catching up.. definitely not like how this scene is in MW, but yeah.. June was definitely catching up, and recounting my May trip.. and comparing it to this and that. Wasn’t that prolific on blog writing.. but as you can see, still chugging at it. I wonder if I should renew my space upgrade, but since I am consistently thinking about moving to (sighs)

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12 Days 2009: Day 5- Japan! Land of the Rising Sun!

December 18, 2009 Leave a comment

Ahh yes this was the month I went to Japan! Land of the Rising Sun! I still recall this trip with fondness and want to go back asap! But yes.. from the 1000+ pictures I took, most of which are on my Flickr, this is a picture that totally represents the aftermath of my trip. The Japanese mail.. so this is a shot I took really early on in my Tokyo Outings, and yes.. memories. I will be looking into go back.

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12 Days 2009: Day 4 – Rushed and prolific that’s for sure..

December 17, 2009 Leave a comment

April is definitely one of my more prolific months… I blogged a lot that month, gaming and what I was watching. Perhaps I should have posted a picture from Saki or Ristorante Paradiso, but I guess this cap from D Gray Man fits it.  I know I was definitely backlogging this series sometimes this year. A lot of things happening in this relatively not as eventful month. I was watching dramas, anime, playing video games, discussing about blogging expectations, responses. This blog is still a work in progress, but I know that my interests will probably revolve around anime and Japanese culture at some point.

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12 Days 2009 – Day 3 Events.. and Hikki..

December 16, 2009 Leave a comment

This image is actually take by Eric with my camera.

What a month. events – real ones for me.. and  not necessarily anime ones. So yeah.. real life.. happened and yes, New York got to have the Utada Hikaru in person. Her lyrics might not be the best, but her music is something I have liked since I was in high school, so yes to see her in person… was just it. My first experience in doing the long haul for a person/event. That was pretty memorable. Now next year, will be her concert.. and yes I can only think of what will happen. >_<

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12 Days 2009: Day 2 – NYCC and fans.

December 15, 2009 2 comments

So what was great about February?

In One Word – or Four – NYCC aka New York Comic Con!

I was there as press so it made it something interesting. Got to see some interesting manga panels. It was three days worth of convention coverage, but what I felt was a strong image to those days were the hoards of Sakurai Sho/Arashi fangirls on Friday. NYCC capitalized on this, have a certain guest, and the fans will come.

So it may or not be that, I am going to be on the mark or not. I do notice some other Anibloggers already on their second day of 12 Days, and I know that Kairu is going to be doing a 12 Moments in Anime spin.

Oh well, I like to give some closure for my blog on a year’s review. Hence my reasoning for including real personal photography as well. On the side note, thanks to Oishii Anime for linking back.

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12 Days 2009: Day 1 – Beginnings and a relay.

December 14, 2009 7 comments

The picture is from Tsuneki’s deviantart page.


Began my 2009 year strongly with a resolution to write as much as I can. January was a month of beginnings.. >_<Wrote 19 blog entries this month.

  • Reviewed two artbook and a cd I brought.
  • Began Anime Female Feature, which is currently at a standstill.. hopefully will pick it up again.
  • Started anticipating New York Comic Con 2009.
  • Added a paid WordPress feature that I didn’t use as much as I though I would have.
  • Did a figures wishlist, of which I picked up most of the figures.
  • Wrote about my Japanese learning goals.
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Photography Final: Carue’s Journey

December 8, 2009 1 comment

Sooo yesterday I presented my photography final project, and yes after two hours of waiting at the photography lab, I arrived at my class late. Because I was late, I was one of the last presenters, when the professor mentioned to hurry up, I pretty much stammered my entire presentation out. I really don’t have much practice with public speaking.

I doubt anyone, outside of knowing any thing about One Piece or Black Lagoon or the premises of figure collection, knew what my project was on. I took way more pictures, will upload them to Flickr at another time.

The most memorable comment was that someone wanted to punch the duck out. Duck meaning Carue. Last week after my professor said that the pictures were all looking as if they were out of a catalog. I was up for a long time trying to imagine a premises of it being  a good project. So, I went and found a vector image from Anime Paper, and the superimposed that image on all of my figure picture. I was thinking it was pretty cute idea. Similar to that traveling garden gnome commercial that was several years ago. Apparently my line of thinking wasn’t the purpose of the final, so I may have over thought the project a bit too much. Oh well.

These images actually weren’t the best that I have got, but with the fact that I was going on days with not much sleep, and I wanted to get a certain perspective, without the pictures looking as if they should be in a catalog.  I chose some images as representations. My favorite shoot was with Franky and Brook. Hardest to shoot was with Shenhua, and Luffy. I pretty much scared my mom out of the kitchen after something happened with my Vivi.

I usually don’t have any of my One Piece or Shenhua figures outside of their boxes, because there is simply no space, and with the highway outside where I live, dusting would be a daily nightmare. I brought most of these pieces from Japan. At the moment, I have one more figure in Japan, and ordered two more figures for next year.

If the images are under the cut are, small, then I have actually uploaded them to my flickr.

What do you think?

Read more…

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Kimi ni Todoke – Midway Review (8-9)

December 7, 2009 4 comments

Ahh so this my impressions of a midway point for this series. Since there is only going to be 12 episodes, this blog entry is slightly delayed. But so far, I have been ooohing and ahhhing over the series. Mainly because the show is cute and the art is nice to look at. All sparkly and such.

In the ninth episode, I just noticed how nice it was where Kazehaya fans himself with a paper while he blushes. That movement just seems so smooth, I can only imagine how much paper it would take for the cells to be like. Then I recall that this is a Production I.G. anime, so most likely scenes is a computer generated movement, with some cells, but not every movement a cell drawn image.

So the pattern of Sawako being pretty embarrassed to having that much friends continues, but with the interactions of other characters other than herself, it makes the work more exciting to look at.

There are several elements thing that plagues this work, and puts in my book as a shoujo that is not as bad to watch as other *series.* The issue is the continuing jealousy and love triangle that would should bring some conflicts to the shy relationship of Sawako and Kazehaya. Nearly everyone around them, would know of their feelings for one another, except for the main couples themselves. Gendomike of Anime Diet wrote his perspective on points that I feel that might be relevant to where my idea is going.

I don’t particularly care about how this would probably end the anime, since there is only twelve episodes scheduled. But I also realized that this is a high school situation, probably not realistic to reality at all. The conclusion of the anime is going to be prompting any viewers to go to the manga, as they have with series like Kare Kano or Fruits Basket, or Special A.

I don’t really recall much shoujo series being animated for the entire series, other than Fushigi Yuugi, Ayashi no Ceres, Marmalade Boy and Hana Yori Dango, but even then those might have some differences that I am not aware of. I still have yet to read the manga yet, but yes the manga will be continuing the series. I will probably miss the anime when it ends though.

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