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Self-thoughts and Goals for animemiz’s scribblings.. 2010- Look a new decade!

January 2, 2010 3 comments

I should have done this yesterday.. I should have done this yesterday.. gad day late… >_< But yeah went to a Mitsuwa in Edgwater, New Jersey yesterday- 3rd year running run for my sample of freshly pounded mochi.. and is now 12:58am.. so as I see what yuricon retweeted on Twitter.. it is a palindromic 0102 2010… (I have not heard of palindromes in a long time, but they’re cute..)

Goals of animemiz.. comparing this with last year and last year’s track.. while yes this has became even less of an anime blog, and I hope to expand my horizons, without sounding redundant, and burning out.

Summing up last year…

  • I posted specific book reviews that don’t fit the criteria of my growing external review sites.
  • I also posted a great deal of news I found interested in posting from the Google reader blogs I follow on Japan.
  • Also specifically post or back log post on events I cover in my real life.
  • Started series posts that I lost some slight steam on, need to pick up or revamp.
  • Guest post on places like Kairu’s blog.
  • Posted comments on blogs, and that is a yes and no situation. While I do post some comments… it may take some time for me to process ideas, and it is not helping with Google Reader or Twitter getting overwhelmingly larger in my mind.
  • Oh I frequently use the emoticon >_< to signify a feeling of kyaaa or a reaction. of omg.

At times, I find myself at a lost to what to blog specifically here, or become too busy or overwhelmed to post.

Probably areas to maybe improve on..

  • Work on training computer skills to pursue the idea of moving this blog onto a domain.
  • Try to be more disciplined in what interest I have. Ultimately I try to wear too many hats, and spread myself way too thin on areas.
  • Promote self- more better.
  • Finish drafts in ever growing draft pile.
  • Cross ref between flickr, twitter etc some more…

All these are actually depended on how much free time I have… and how much I feel that my writing will not suck or is a work in progress.

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