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Manga Reviewing Tip List.. via Twitter…

As I read through other people’s tweets, one of my regular tweet follower is About.com’s Manga Guide Deb Aoki among other manga blogger tweeters (yuricon, magicalemi, ed, per, tiamat’s etc.)

Recently Deb posted on Twitter, an umbrella and discussion posing on what tips are there.  So the focus, of that grain of thought is audience and seeing who is receptive to what you are talking about.

Right now I figure it would be better to list down what Deb Aoki and other relevant tweets actually said, before it gets lost in the crush that is Twitter-verse. This brings to my mind on how tangible new media is, so there should be feedback and discussion on what is tangible like Twitter tweets. Slight warning since I believe the main conversation began a while ago, so I will be listing tweets out of order, but in a relatively readable, recordable format.

I agree with this tweet by @mbeasi earlier, since I usually do the same thing.

Mbeasi: @manga_critic @debaoki @danielle_leigh1 I think the reason having so many sites/reviewers covering the same books is valuable is that…

Mbeasi: @manga_critic @debaoki @danielle_leigh1 there is so much range in style & focus. That’s why I’ll read 5-10 reviews of the same book, y’know?

This part of dialogue began or continued the vein of what Deb’s purpose is as an editor/reader.

Deb: @mbeasi @manga_critic @danielle_leigh now that i’m editing other ppl’s reviews, i ended up asking myself, ‘what makes a review good?’

Deb: @mbeasi @manga_critic @danielle_leigh i find i enjoy reading reviews by writers who inject some personality, unique POV in their prose.

Deb: RT @johannadc “I summed mine up in How to Review post: http://bit.ly/5qfvl7
(I think this is relevant to @edsizemore, since it is from Comics Worth to be Read)

This is a list of what Deb compiled, and with some suggestions from the rest of us tweeters.

Deb: manga reviewing tip #1: “Did you like it or not? I should have some idea whether it’s worth buying or not after reading your review”

Deb: manga reviewing tip #2: “grab my attention in the first 1-2 paragraphs & give me a reason to keep reading, or I’ll just click away.”

Deb: manga reviewing tip #3: “write like you’re having fun, not writing a term paper.”

Deb: manga reviewing tip #4: “yes, by all means tell me what the story is about — but can you skip the rehash of the entire book?”

Then a pause, while Deb calls for others to chime in.

Deb: i gave 4 “manga reviewing tips” earlier today. anyone else want to share theirs? (to find ’em, search for “manga reviewing tip”) via Twitter Search.

Then back to the list….

Deb: manga reviewing tip #5 from @animevice: you are giving your informed opinion, not coming to a scientific conclusion everyone must agree with.

Deb: manga reviewing tip #6 from @aicnanime: “you don’t need to talk to it, but know manga’s context; its home anthology specifically.”

Deb: manga reviewing tip #7 from @animemiz: “Suggest read-alikes in your review. What type of reader are you?”

Deb: manga reviewing tip #8: remember that not all of your readers may be aware of Japanese/geek lingo, acronyms & in-jokes

So yes this is a continuing list mentions this –

Edsizemore: @debaoki Seriously Deb, you need to put these all together as a post and expand on each a little more. This is too good to leave to twitter.

Before it gets too late, I’ll leave this with Edsizemore’s amusing tweets on the machine that is Twitter.

Edsizemore: @debaoki You could have fooled us. I would hate for all this wisdom to get lost in the twitter archives.

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