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Manga Reviewing Tip List.. via Twitter… Part 2

January 17, 2010 2 comments

Well this is so soon after my first posting on it, with how fast Twitter moved. The tip list increased…. since this is great as a reminder for self, and maybe others.. I decided to continue to put off that one more draft until a little bit…and… the list has so far gotten up to about 19 tips..  ^_^

So let’s go again..

Deb: manga reviewing tip #9 fr. @LostPhrack: read outside your comfort zone to widen your horizons, consider why you like/don’t like diff. things

Deb: manga reviewing tip #10 fr. @hermanos: “be able to talk about what works and what doesn’t in the art, and (hopefully) explain why.”

There is seems to be some discrepancy in the numbering of 10.. so taking the liberty to just correct and alter this numbering. Then it corrects itself in the tweets.

Deb: manga reviewing tip #11 fr @ProfessorBlind: “a good review scratches an itch. Something about the title must motivate you almost an involuntary response.” (This tip had two tweets – Tweet 1, Tweet 2)

Deb: manga reviewing tip #12: if a first volume doesn’t move you, try waiting for the second before reviewing. it might change your mind.

Deb: manga reviewing tip #13 fr. @hisuiRT “the best reviews look at manga in pieces (as single volumes) & holistically (as a series) you should mention all of the indivual pieces & how they work alone as well as a whole.” (This tip also had two tweets –Tweet 1, Tweet 2)

Deb: manga reviewing tip #14 fr. @jeridel: “reviews that are entertaining, & read characters/stories as metaphors are the most memorable.”

Deb: manga reviewing tip #15 fr. @michaelpinto “don’t be afraid to think big and reference art history, classic literature & asian studies”

Deb: manga reviewing tip #16 fr @BradleyCMeek (kinda) “learn to write by reading all kinds of books. take writing classes to hone your skills”

Deb: manga reviewing tip #17 fr. @Quarteni “include info about the creator, their past titles or similar titles & the intended audience in US/JP”

Deb: manga reviewing tip #18: if you use a grading/number scale, establish what each grade/score means, so you can apply it consistently. [Then there was a corollary] If you give everything a high grade, then you’ve rendered your grading system meaningless.

Deb: manga reviewing tip #19 fr @agdeeds “Don’t write assuming I’m a return reader. It doesn’t help me decide about what you’re reviewing now.”

Yep, so with these wisdom and collaborate learning.. it is great to think about what further discussion can come of this list.

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