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Criticism on blogging and panels.>_<

January 18, 2010 2 comments

Actually this entire post came out from my other post on Manga reviewing tips. I was busy compiling the tweets together, when I spent an hour just peering through the tweets. By the time I was able to put out the other post. I realize that the criticism aspect I was cutting and pasting, was way more off tangent than what I was even reporting on the first place. So now  the time has past, and since I believe that twitter is pretty much a tangible medium, I figure I’ll record it here as well.

This is a discussion regarding about negative aspects of blogging panels/RT at anime conventions, which I hope will improve more and more with the various bloggers and interests. I feel kinda obligated to post on this, since this was the only blogging panel that I was found myself briefly at. In my recollection there are two other anime blogging panels I have missed. The Anime Next 2009 and the New York Anime Festival 2008.

For the 2009 NYAF blogging panel, I didn’t know most people on the panel. I realized afterward, that a majority of these bloggers on this panel were podcasters, which is a medium I wasn’t as familiar with. I had prior conversation with other bloggers, and the tone was a matter of fact attitude. Would this panel succeed or not?  Ever since I started to attend conventions since 2006, I have been trying to go to various writing panels, but because of timing and hours I have never attended any of them. There is also just way too many bloggers on the internet.

Blogging is a medium where it is knocking down the traditional journalism perspective and that is a grain of salt for a lot of people. But I have made friends outside of these panels. So there is a community and niche in who enjoys what. Deb, Emi, and mbeasi made interesting points here.

Deb: @MagicalEmi that’s kind of my worry too. 😉 bloggers enjoy each other’s company, but i don’t think we have “fans” per se to warrant a panel

MagicalEmi:  @debaoki I think a panel w/ you guys would be 1 person saying something, and everyone nodding and agreeing

Deb: @MagicalEmi we did a blogger panel at NYAF, and i thought it was kind of… well, self-serving.

They needed a panel.. so it turned into a Round Table. That should have gone around like a hot potato instead.  Ahh well it did, but let’s just say that some people talked more.

For those who would be interested in seeing or remembering a video of this panel, here’s Moritheil’s video covering.

MagicalEmi: @debaoki y’all seem to have similar opinions, no one here (that I can see) seems to disagree enough to spark a lively debate/discussion

MagicalEmi: @debaoki Yah that might make it more interesting, and less preaching to the choir XD

mbeasi: @debaoki @MagicalEmi Well, I thought the real problem with that panel is that there was almost no discussion of *blogging*.

MagicalEmi: @mbeasi I’d be more interested in the technical aspect ^^ What blogging platform they use, templates, maintaining update schedules, etc

mbeasi: @MagicalEmi I actually think the technical aspect is not too far removed from the rest. One informs the other, in a lot of respects.

For bloggers knowing technical skills is an advantage. Now if you can meld writers and techies. That would be a great thing to have, otherwise pay someone else for that skill set then.

Deb: @mbeasi @magicalemi the problem is when we, as bloggers, start thinking we are “celebrities” of some sort. we are not.

Deb: @MagicalEmi @mbeasi yep. too much of that last blogger panel was about ‘who are you & what’s your otaku cred?’

Deb: @mbeasi well, that’s kinda why i was thinking it’d be better to just have a blogger/press mixer instead of a panel.

Deb: @mbeasi @magicalemi but that comes from not realizing who your potential audience for such a panel might be.

Deb: @mbeasi @magicalemi if it was promoted as a blogger panel by bloggers for bloggers, then the focus/questions would be different.

Deb: @mbeasi @magicalemi instead, the panel was more positioned as “meet the people that you read! they are cool!” — which made it chatter-y.

Deb: @mbeasi @johannadc @magicalemi yes — and that’s why such a panel needs to be more focused in that way than just “meet popular bloggers”

Deb: @palmie @mbeasi yep. blogging works best when you are giving as well as getting comments – you become part of the discussion.

I am going to conclude with this vein with a possible panel that Edsizemore and Moritheil might do in the future. So let’s see how the next convention blogging panel will go or not.

Would there be one?

Also bias on this post is that it is talking in regards to the East Coast bloggers. There are times where I do wish that I was able to go over to the West coast to meet the west coast bloggers, but since it is not possible at this moment. Shall have to see in the future then.

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