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Loving certain openings.. dramatic and otherwise..

February 27, 2010 6 comments

Lately as I have had really nothing much to do. .I have been re-listening to all my music and just thinking about what tastes I have. I have always loved drama music, so you can see me just falling in love with something because of it’s theme song catch… something like Sky High (Japanese Drama with Yumiko Shaku) or Kannagi opening would come to my mind. Lately I have been just combing the web for some old Hong Kong dramas, I have watched as a child just to listen to the theme songs. Deric Wan’s Lucky Star has gotten several anime bloggers asking where is Konata and the others.

A huge preference of my theme songs are wuxia ones, and that can get kinda dramatic there. I use to watch a lot, so following in my mom’s preference. My tastes are in that latter.These following are a sampling of what I would love to listen to over and over.. even though the plot of the drama was dramatic and cliche to the point of there being not really much.

In that aspect of I would always think of the point of how overrated Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is. (I recall back when it came out in U.S. People around me thought of it as akin to something being the best thing from China since Bruce Lee) and then to the point of how underrated Jet Li’s Hero was. Or even Wong Kar Fei’s Ashes of Time. Fantastic moves, those two.

Opening for The Hitman Chronicles (TVB, 1997)

Unfortunately this video for some reason has no pictures. I guess I had to rely on a video if I want to see the clip with images. Then quickly shut the page when the song ends.

Opening for Unnatural Born Killers (TVB, 1996)

Love this song, unfortunate that the singer has passed away several years ago.

Opening for Treasure Raiders (TVB, 2002)

I drooled over this song and what made it sad was how bad the drama was. Just one of the most badly act in my honest opinion. >_<

Opening for Mythical Crane and Magical Needle (ATV, 1992)

I still love this song, and yes the drama was also very good, well not well act by some people, but there were scenes I recall.

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Becca’s American release of I’m Alive

February 25, 2010 2 comments

Slightly not trying to do a dance, since for one am a klutz, and another no space, my book stacks will probably fall on me, but if you didn’t know Becca has her American release of I’m Alive in the U.S. for physical and digital release on March 2. Her personal Twitter/Facebook confirmed it, so yes Fans ought to be jumping for joy.

Just made some realizations on other things also I guess if you stalk me on Facebook, you’ll probably see it like a 100 tweets back. Just kidding.. just trying to make plans, and messing up. Need to pack. >_<

Anyway ever since Becca mentioned in last year at Otakon, and the fact that she is going on a tour is making me quite excited. Most probably news of her U.S. tour is going to be on this Pure Volume website, since I see that she is going to be performing after Portland, she would be hitting three locations in Texas.. lucky Texas fans to see her! Her official website is slightly dated, so I think the best spots to know of her updates is either Facebook or Twitter. Her MySpace is also updated with news from Becca personally. There’s only so much social media one can hit before.. I am still waiting on a hash tag to spam on Twitter regarding about Becca’s information. Probably should start one up.. Checked under #becca an that is not really getting that good of a results.. maybe #becca_alive or #alivebecca

I am very excited to listen to any new stuff that Becca has, but it is getting confusing from the advertisements, on whether every music from her I’m Alive is the exact same cd of her import release? No matter.. having duplicate cds are always nice. I look at my 愛内 里菜 cds and think mah mah.. import prices dup or triple over since I have original cd, best cd and singles if I can manage it. >_<

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Goal of visiting a Sento.. and Japan 2010….

February 21, 2010 1 comment

It probably will strike any Japanese or Asian people as funny or strange. But this has been a goal of mine for visiting Japan for. I had wanted to visit Greenland to visit their hot springs years ago. But yes to Japanese bathhouses, I didn’t go last year due to nerves about my tattoos, but yes this time around. I will try to visit one! Trick as advised by friend, to not feel so awkward and standing out like a black duck in a sea of white.

Sento visiting is one of my top five priorities when I am in Tokyo this year.  God I think I so need it, since I believe I really want to relax. On a very basic note, at least I watched Higepiyo Episode 9 to get a funny basic children understanding toward Japanese sento. I recall those osen scenes in Poro Poro. When I was in Kyoto last year and had a soak, it was really really relaxing.

But yes to planning this trip so far, been getting my shopping done, talking with friends in Japan, and basically taking down notes on what I want to do and see and stuff. Last year I took a lot of pictures but pretty much just threw it on Flickr.. and yes do have trouble going back to see what is what. Hopefully this year’s photo aspect will be a bit better and less haphazardly.

Purchased a red larger suitcase, since my suitcase from last year was deemed small, and pretty much broke at the handle. This is a picture from last year, when I was packing to go back to the U.S.

Packing.. &gt;_&lt;

Right now, just feeling pretty excited and still in the middle of drafting out a plan. Moy‘s main plans would center around his concerts, and other events that can come up. But yes, travel buddy is going to be an experience. I believe that my purpose for Japan now, is to experience Tokyo some more, and spend more time with some friends, Aya and Rai.

Current worries is the transportation cost within the country, and how much can I not be tempted to spend. Aya mentions how much One Piece products are around.. and with my recent 携帯 charm fascination. Will be looking to expand my 下敷き, Shitajiki collection, and bring back my figures in one piece. >_<

I’ll probably post up a plan of where would I go, but yes some plans are definite, while others are not so much.

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NYC’s Lower East Side Eroge Figures on Display

February 15, 2010 3 comments

Before I forget and the news grow old, I figure that I would need to blog about my experiences with what I first heard AnimeVice reporting about. Eroge figures on display. One of the lucky things about New York Cities, is the galleries that dot the city. Free admission to see displayed art. I have been going to galleries for a bit now, from, and this is definitely something that would make an adult figure fan collector say wow…anime figures going fine arts in America. So the gallery is Gallery Nine 5 near Spring Street.

I went on Friday, a couple of weeks before Utada concert, and I never got the chance to go back. The display didn’t take up the entire store, half of it – but with a timed interest. This display was up to February 12 and that’s it. I found figures I might have recognized, and some others are of a submissive/dominant variety which I find myself saying wow..

All the figures depict woman in states of undress or BDSM inspired, or sexual poses. Some figures are from Queen’s Blade, Bakuretsu Hunters, Ah My Goddess, Bible Black, Gundam Seed Destiny.. plenty of these figures were definitely taken in states of undress, with added adult themed contents props, like Playboy mini-books or bar ornaments.

Since it is more polite to ask if there was a photo shoot policy, the guy said only one picture, so of course I grabbed Kero’s and my camera and snapped two pictures of what I found were neat.

These were tweets I made on that day.

animemiz: Went to Gallery Nine 5, saw figures, was able to take two pics. I like my own figures more, but seeing 3xMizuho-sensei and 2xUrd was sweet.

animemiz: Also saw Queens Blade Figures, Bible Black, maybe Bakuretsu Hunter, and maybe Gundam Seed Destiny. Another trip or 2 there is a must!

Because of the fact that Sunday the 14th was the Lunar New Year, and Valentine Day, decided to postpone this until Monday to be uploaded. But yes, this was an experience.

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Happy Lunar New Year!!!!

February 14, 2010 3 comments

As a quick greeting for 2010…. definitely 恭喜發財! Definitely best wishes for a lucky and fortuitous year, in the Year of the Tiger! So as something I remember from the Japanese drama, Tiger & Dragon.. Tiger Tiger ぎら Tiger!!!!!

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The Utada ”In The Flesh” UK Experience!

February 12, 2010 12 comments

Guest written by Braz_Ed

Edits: Added some pictures, courtesy of Braz_Ed’s Twitpic page and from Utada’s Messages…

OMG my #Utada tickets arrived! Look they r so beautiful *_* #... on Twitpic

So I am still thinking about last night and what a show Utada gave! It was……AMAZING.

I came back home thinking I NEED to tell the world about this LoL. And since a lot of fans couldn’t make it to the London shows etc , I remembered I read a review made by @animemiz and since I don’t have a blog I asked her if I could write the review and and if she could post it to which she agreed ( Thank You) ^.^

So first things first, let get the bad things out of the way first okay because as I said I want everyone to remember the good stuff!

I heard some people were on line since 8AM and it was FREEZING on Thursday here in London. The night before, it was apparently -6 degrees Celsius so you can only imagine what it could feel like

As I was working and had permission to leave early. I got to the line around half past four. My brother was already there, there was still very few people maybe 20 people but then some people were cutting the line and wouldn’t even care! (Ugly face for you guys)

Oh BTW if you are going to a show with your girlfriend I understand you want to cuddle and stuff, but ALL THE TIME?? – there was a couple in front of me a short Chinese man and his girlfriend who was a bit taller than him, I think he had issues with other people because he was protecting his GF and like kept pushing me back and he was making sure his girlfriend had space to dance and do whatever, but after the first half of the show he kind of got tired (Thank God). This was an aspect that was VERY annoying, in other aspects things can be worse though =/

Oh the people from the Venue 02 Islington were really badly organised.

Last but definitly not least, DJ Marlene who was there to replace DJ Mike Rezzo was soo BAD! She came on stage, didn’t even say hello and didn’t introduce herself and she didnt work the crowed at all! She played two well known tune’s : one by the Japanese all girl band ”The’s ” and another song that plays in the movie ”Ocean’s 13” or 12 or whatever… And apparently SHE was a Man! :O


After all the waiting in the cold,the awful sound of DJ Marlene and the guys arranging the instruments,

The stage for #Utada's show! #Ublog on Twitpic

The lights go Dim, the band is in place…suddenly we hear a familiar sound,starting really low and getting higher and higher…..


She looks like a rock star and I got to say this, the clothes she picked for this show in my opinion, was THE BEST ONE SO FAR!

She wore like some crazy black and white pants, each colour on one side of her legs, black hills,a black dress (?) on top of her pants with some feathers and a white half of a shirt (?) , some black bracelets and a star ring!

She started singing On and On…the crowed went wild and we were sooo close! I couldn’t believe it! The stage was very small too….but that was a good thing because it made it all very intimate in a way. Here’s her set list and its not so different from animemiz’s NYC set list except I believe that she didn’t sing  Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence right after On and On but Poppin‘  then Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence‘ but i may be wrong because I dont remember it very well. (Sorry if I gave the wrong set list)

Opening (from Exodus)
On and On
Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
This One (Crying like a Child)
Passion / Sanctuary
Sakura Drops
Stay Gold
Devil Inside
Kremlin Dusk
You Make Me Want to Be a Man
The Bitter End (Placebo cover)
Apple and Cinnamon
Come Back To Me
First Love
Can You Keep A Secret?
Dirty Desire

Simple and Clean
Me Muero

Okay, she also made as well lots of comments at this show, I am going to try to remember them just like animemiz did. LoL promise not to cut and paste:

– She greeted us and made some comments, mostly on the English accent that was very funny

-The crowed started shouting lots of ” Paris Loves You” ”Italy Loves You” and I shouted ”Brazil Loves you” to which she made a face like ”How random” LoL very funny. She only responded to a Paris I Love You by saying ” Je T’adore”

– She said as well that she was CONSIDERING moving to London for real! People went wild! And that she liked it very much and the only other place she could see herself living in is San Francisco but that she couldn’t actually live there

– There was a girl who kept shouting ”Marry me” she commented on that by saying : “There’s a small voice shouting and I think it is a girl saying ‘Marry me’ LOL well in some countrys” Everyone started laughing

– When she was going to play the piano one of the crew member almost hit the microphone on her mouth. she got scared at that point, remarking by wow that could have chipped my tooth

-Before singing Apple and Cinnamon she said London was very rainy, but she liked that because in Japan people value rain alot and she grew up somewhere like that as well and that some of her songs always have rain in it.

-When she was introducing the band she introduced the Brazilian guitar player and said this is Rafael Moreira and started laughing and said he is Brazilian as well and said look there a Brazilian guy out there as well ( I think people know me as the crazy Brazilian guy) and pointed at us and waved! AWESOME!

To wrap this up because I think i said too much,

It was an AMAZING show, and I feel so blessed that I was there at her first European concert and made history with her! I wanted her to notice as well, that she has brazilians fans, because she does. There are so many Brazilians that actually know her and like her, so I was happy to get noticed.

I got the guitar pick that Rafael threw! So happy! #utada #ublog on Twitpic

Oh and I got the guitar pick Rafael threw! LoL very happy!

Wanted the ball though =/

It doesn’t matter, because it was all worth it.. the cold, the bad dj,the waiting…

God Bless Utada !

P.S Some youtube videos of the UK show:

First Love


Sakura Drops

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Slight updates.. and this is an announcment that there might be a guest writer on animemiz… ^_^

February 11, 2010 1 comment

Okay with New York City getting swamped with snow, I bet everyone on the East Coast and DC is going to still be digging themselves out or not. But quite surprised and happy that @braz_ed from the London Utada Concert actually contacted me via Twitter, and asked if he can post a review of that show here. I am very happy to say wow.. so definitely working on it. I also see that London has had a great set of balls. Also in her latest message and photo with that cute piano, Hikki asks whether or not Chinese are going to take over Europe.. who knows.. maybe, but they have a great Chinatown.. to which I told Dancing Queen about via twitter.

Personal announcement… I am going to be tagging after Moy for his March-April trip to Japan. While his purpose of going is to see Sakamoto Maaya and Mizuki Nana’s concerts. I will see JP and Hinano, while they are in Japan for their belated honeymoon… and I will also see Rai and IceblueAya after a year.. T_T.. Will try and see if I can find employment of some sorts when I am there. Kinda strange since my mom is after me to go and find a job. Kinda running ragged all over now in my mind. I don’t want to be a NEET, I really would hate that.. >_<

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Utada Live in the Flesh 2010 NY Concert!!! My experience.

February 10, 2010 9 comments

Edited: To include link that inu-liger was great to provide – 2/14/20

Oh my god… I have to say this was an amazing experience. About ten times better than last year’s Sephora event, but oh my god!!!!! I am still getting quite emotional with the experience. That, yes if you ask me how I felt yesterday, I would have probably had a different reaction. Now with the time to sleep, and maybe rest my lost voice, I feel much better to write this con report up.

So this version of Hikki’s sold out concert took place at the Fillmore at Irving Plaza in NY, and this is nothing, but a nightclub spot with no seats, save for on the balcony area.  Very similar to Webster Hall, where I know people went to go see AKB 48 last year. Still Fillmore is also the venue where VAMPS and Dir En Grey played. So there must be a reason other than, that they can sold as much as they can, for the reason why it seems like Japanese singers would be playing here. Polysics would be having their concert here soon as well.

What was my journey like though? I was following concert coverage with @ublog, and on Sunday got these two tweets..

ublog: Some people are borderline crazy RT @autumnmycat: Wtf, people are already lined up for the New York #Utada concert. #ublog

ublog: Hmm false alarm? RT @artitj: I don’t see a line for Utada in NYC yet (10pm). #utada #ublog

Based on last year’s experience, I was already planning to go and do a marathon wait at around 5-am-ish. So after a very sleepless night paired with moments of just grabbing my cat, and nodding off here and there. I left at around 4:30-ish am.. and of course mentally cursing out the MTA, I made it to the  Fillmore at around 5:30-am-ish and I was the 7th person on the line at that time. Heard that people were there from 2-am-ish onward. Even saw some acquaintances from Sephora that early there also.

Temperatures were freezing. It felt so much like my college town’s weather, that even with the layers I was packing, by the time it  was around 10-am-ish I broke down and got some heat pads from the nearby Walgreens. So not fun, that it was. For a large portion of the time I was on the line, I was pretty much just tweeting about the cold and the line..

animemiz: My god this is soooo cold… (toes and fingers growing numb)

ublog: @animemiz Keep warm! There’s still 10 hours to go! #ublog

Ten more hours, you can imagine my dismay, but thankfully the morning zoomed by fast, friends, and the line formed as the day went on. Then came the afternoon and time dragged. Literally dragged. Of course I was the first one there, @ericmchu and @1moy also came at a later/early-ish countdown time to Hikki, there was also the appearance of a lot of other friends, who were great to hang out with. I was also pretty grateful when my sister showed up, and I got an extra glove set from her. Between the shuttling back and forth to the Dunkin Doughnuts, lines or Starbucks, I was at points of losing feeling from my hands and feet. This is not pleasant, as I am thinking from what friends allude to this, as being hardcore and dedicated to the extremes. This is a test of endurance I tell you. Especially on a cold winter day, with the a blizzard coming in a couple of days. Will get frostbite in this type of weather.

So later toward the afternoon, around 4-pm-ish, Fillmore finally started to offer the line a bit of hot drinks. It was also around this time, they started to put up barricades.  Of course there were still about 3 more hours of waiting.. I think it was around this time, that two fans came up to me and were like, “We recognize you.. you were wearing that Blue Hoodie” [from Sephora event] “Singing your praises down the line” “knew that you would be at the front of the line..” I was pretty flattered.. so thanks.. ^_^

Also a few hours earlier, this guy came up and was trying to offer one of us, $20 for a chance to stand near us. That was pretty rude, and he gave pretty lame excuses, so if none of us knew him, then why give him a spot, he would have had to pay each and every one of us a portion. Then before that guy came along, a homeless guy was soliciting the line for quarters.

Finally it was around 7-pm-ish they let us go in, of course security pat people’s bags for no drinks.. and there was a mandatory bag check in, no camera or cell phones video camera recording were allowed. People still got photos or video taped parts of the concert though.

After a long time of waiting, the crowds were let in, and I quickly found my way to the front left. For one hour, DJ Mike Rizzo was playing and trying to work the crowd, but the crowd wasn’t as enthused, probably because of the wait, and or cold or the fact that it was Hikki that a lot of people waited to see. (That was my personal feeling though, because I was feeling very tired.) He did spin several songs I enjoyed Paparazzi, I Gotta Feeling, and for his last song, a remix of Dirty Desire. Then she came..

Hikki wore a black sequin shirt, with an animal print skirt, bracelets on her arm, a black star ring, star earrings, and black boots with silver chains. I was so excited to see her. Here is her set list for New York:

Opening (from Exodus)
On and On
Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence – FYI
This One (Crying like a Child)
Passion / Sanctuary
Sakura Drops
Stay Gold
Devil Inside
Kremlin Dusk
You Make Me Want to Be a Man
The Bitter End (Placebo cover)
Apple and Cinnamon
Come Back To Me
First Love
Can You Keep A Secret?
Dirty Desire

Simple and Clean
Me Muero

During songs, she was making comments, and let’s see what I can remember. Here’s a youtube clip:

These comments are very out of order.

  • She mentioned how she liked to walk around different cities to get a perspective on what to say, that since this was NYC, a place she spent her childhood at, that she was happy to be here.
  • She mentioned how much diversity that there was, somewhere I heard “Love from Canada.” She also mentioned that the people who were waiting from 2am “Crazy” and the response was “It was for you!” “Love you Utada”
  • She said NYC beats out Las Vegas in terms of sound, that she should have probably brought a sound tester to see which audience was the loudest.
  • She also asked a fan to stop talking. Of which this was after he said, to the band “You’re amazing” “He’s amazing”
  • She mentioned that high school friends, and a cousin was in the audience.
  • She mentioned that if she forgot the lyrics, that she can look out in the crowd and see the crowd singing the lyrics for a majority of of the songs. I was one of them.. because it’s not like every day you can see one of your favorite singers, and to say that imitation is considered to be a high form of flattery, ahh my ears and voice were definitely feeling it.

At some points or probably from my position, the bass over rode her voice slightly, but I was still very happy. She sang mostly English songs, but I was very happy when she started to sing her Japanese songs, my high points were “Stay Gold,” and “First Love.” Then after her ‘last’ song “Dirty Desire,” the crowds had to work for an encore, with wild cheering, “Encore,” “One more song.” Then she came out and introduced her band, one of the keyboardist was a New Yorker, another keyboardist was from Connecticut. One of the guitarist was from Brazil. Then sang her encores, I was slighly dissappointed that she didn’t sing “Boku wa Kuma” but maybe after the Boston incident?

Afterward she threw out the NY foam baseballs ver. 1 and ver. 2, that I wrote a blog entry based on the Las Vegas set. Based on the number of baseballs, I believe she threw out about 24, so lucky for those who caught it. I believe Omo or Eric or Moy said this to me, that since I was up in the front, I had made a choice of not catching the ball. I do know that a friend of mine nearly caught the ball, but didn’t. Then I think @usagi_hoshino might have caught one. (I met her on the line, and she was behind me at the concert.)

Viewing from comments on the forum, and of course happy that a lot of people were having fun, and definitely enjoying the concert. Also there were video taping, so there is speculation that there might be a DVD that would be sold. I contemplate on it being available in Japanese Region 3, but of course I would purchase it.

I have broke over 1000 words for this report, and it was an actual press con report I would have probably set it into two parts, but since I am so wordy. I am going to leave with a few videos I found of some parts of the concert. What a fantastic experience… and I lost my voice.. still trying to recover it.

Sakura Drops

Can You Keep A Secret?


Encore: Simple and Clean

Also… got notification of this link in the comments, so inu-liger was great to get an audio recording of the entire concert.

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