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Goal of visiting a Sento.. and Japan 2010….

February 21, 2010 1 comment

It probably will strike any Japanese or Asian people as funny or strange. But this has been a goal of mine for visiting Japan for. I had wanted to visit Greenland to visit their hot springs years ago. But yes to Japanese bathhouses, I didn’t go last year due to nerves about my tattoos, but yes this time around. I will try to visit one! Trick as advised by friend, to not feel so awkward and standing out like a black duck in a sea of white.

Sento visiting is one of my top five priorities when I am in Tokyo this year.  God I think I so need it, since I believe I really want to relax. On a very basic note, at least I watched Higepiyo Episode 9 to get a funny basic children understanding toward Japanese sento. I recall those osen scenes in Poro Poro. When I was in Kyoto last year and had a soak, it was really really relaxing.

But yes to planning this trip so far, been getting my shopping done, talking with friends in Japan, and basically taking down notes on what I want to do and see and stuff. Last year I took a lot of pictures but pretty much just threw it on Flickr.. and yes do have trouble going back to see what is what. Hopefully this year’s photo aspect will be a bit better and less haphazardly.

Purchased a red larger suitcase, since my suitcase from last year was deemed small, and pretty much broke at the handle. This is a picture from last year, when I was packing to go back to the U.S.

Packing.. >_<

Right now, just feeling pretty excited and still in the middle of drafting out a plan. Moy‘s main plans would center around his concerts, and other events that can come up. But yes, travel buddy is going to be an experience. I believe that my purpose for Japan now, is to experience Tokyo some more, and spend more time with some friends, Aya and Rai.

Current worries is the transportation cost within the country, and how much can I not be tempted to spend. Aya mentions how much One Piece products are around.. and with my recent 携帯 charm fascination. Will be looking to expand my 下敷き, Shitajiki collection, and bring back my figures in one piece. >_<

I’ll probably post up a plan of where would I go, but yes some plans are definite, while others are not so much.

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