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Loving certain openings.. dramatic and otherwise..

February 27, 2010 6 comments

Lately as I have had really nothing much to do. .I have been re-listening to all my music and just thinking about what tastes I have. I have always loved drama music, so you can see me just falling in love with something because of it’s theme song catch… something like Sky High (Japanese Drama with Yumiko Shaku) or Kannagi opening would come to my mind. Lately I have been just combing the web for some old Hong Kong dramas, I have watched as a child just to listen to the theme songs. Deric Wan’s Lucky Star has gotten several anime bloggers asking where is Konata and the others.

A huge preference of my theme songs are wuxia ones, and that can get kinda dramatic there. I use to watch a lot, so following in my mom’s preference. My tastes are in that latter.These following are a sampling of what I would love to listen to over and over.. even though the plot of the drama was dramatic and cliche to the point of there being not really much.

In that aspect of I would always think of the point of how overrated Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is. (I recall back when it came out in U.S. People around me thought of it as akin to something being the best thing from China since Bruce Lee) and then to the point of how underrated Jet Li’s Hero was. Or even Wong Kar Fei’s Ashes of Time. Fantastic moves, those two.

Opening for The Hitman Chronicles (TVB, 1997)

Unfortunately this video for some reason has no pictures. I guess I had to rely on a video if I want to see the clip with images. Then quickly shut the page when the song ends.

Opening for Unnatural Born Killers (TVB, 1996)

Love this song, unfortunate that the singer has passed away several years ago.

Opening for Treasure Raiders (TVB, 2002)

I drooled over this song and what made it sad was how bad the drama was. Just one of the most badly act in my honest opinion. >_<

Opening for Mythical Crane and Magical Needle (ATV, 1992)

I still love this song, and yes the drama was also very good, well not well act by some people, but there were scenes I recall.

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