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Prepping.. -selling items -Japan 2010

March 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Hmm as I occasionally hear some prep work from Moy, and am talking more with Rai, and Aya about Tokyo plans here and there, which is now less than a week in time. Contacted some friends and classmates also, but will have to play by ear if we’re going to meet up.

I am going to be lugging in my luggage some items that I hope to be sold reasonably back to K-books 2 or K-books 3 on Otome Road. As much as I love NYC BookOff, I learned my lesson the hard way when I sold my Gendo Sekai imported DVD there last. For an imported movie, it was taken at such a fraction of the cost. I can only think why. Well I also was reminded of this, when I sold an Ouran High School Host Club imported cd there for 50 cents.

Most likely, I will get nothing much for it, but it is an experience, that I would try, plus it would actually be taken and sold back in its country of production so who knows, what is the worth if any.

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