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Last minute plans and Japan… >_<

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Well this is the night before I fly, so I am going to try not to go as nuts as I did last year. Last year with Dr. Slump, that was my big purchase. My ears are consistently ringing from my mom’s consistent lecturing about my figures.. but so far these are the figures I need to pick up from Rai and Aya, as I have purchased them. I don’t foresee any other figures I have to pick up.. T_T Missing out on Chopper and Zolo Strong Edition sucks, but I must be strong and realistic, if anyone sees my room, they’ll know.  >_<

I collected all the artbooks I want at the moment, if I see more from old series I like. No excuse. If I see that SMAP photobook of when they were in NYC, I would probably get it. Still I would like to see if I can pick up some more Chi’s Sweet Home items, and maybe cell phones straps or pencil boards.Or maybe some of manga’s and J-pop cds at BookOff.

CD’s to definitely look for. City Hunter OST.. I saw it last year and didn’t get it. Hopefully will find it this year again!

Still I don’t foresee needing to purchase a lot, as my expenses will probably go for food, and travel.. and omiyage relevant items. Plus all those vending machine items.

I placed a list of things I want to do..and will probably try to work through that list.

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Reviewing and what is there for it…

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Informally and without pay, one aspect I do is I review. I usually review because I feel that it can improve my writing, and as a consumer and information professional, I feel it is a responsibility to actually be able to recommend works for anyone who would be seeking a variety of resources.

Reviewing is a topic that can be broken down under the umbrella of two sides. One as a consumer/bibliophile, and another as an information professional.

As a bibliophile, reviewing  is actually a way I can,  for saving money on materials I usually spend a lot of money on. Not everyone can be paid like Ebert, or any professional reviewers, but it would certainly help if a consumer would have a say in the validity of a purchase. I usually see this on product reviews.

As an information professional though, it helps with developing contacts with publishers, or authors. It is usually a win/win situation, since reviewers can usually provide for writers, and publishers a source of advertisement. Also I can vouch, from the many print publications I consult, there is a demand for librarians or educators to continue to consult reviews to view if it is purchasable or not.

Advantages of Reviewing

  • It leads the reviewer to be more well-rounded in seeing what publication are currently out.
  • You can try to as a reviewer see what will interest or appeal to you.

Disadvantages of Reviewing

  • Getting burnt out, quite easily.
  • Your voice will probably be lost, but try to think of areas where there is good and bad spots. What would interest potential readers/consumers?
  • Can get monotonous, if you’re consistently writing with a formula.

How to probably alleviate disadvantages.

  • Take time between reviewing.
  • Set a quota/deadline to try and make reviews.
  • Continue to read a variety of reviews.
  • Seek out a group of fellow reviewers.

At this point, I usually keep an eye on some aspects of Twitter, and is happy to have met other reviewers. While I don’t know if other reviewers feel the same as I do, I usually like the informal/informative atmosphere that there is.

In the variety of conferences, and conventions I have attended. There has been a underlying tone of people writing, and so the premises of this entry, is to just continue writing. What else would you imagine to reviewing? Also do take a look at these other entries.

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Happy Reviewing if I do say so myself.

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