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Last minute plans and Japan… >_<

Well this is the night before I fly, so I am going to try not to go as nuts as I did last year. Last year with Dr. Slump, that was my big purchase. My ears are consistently ringing from my mom’s consistent lecturing about my figures.. but so far these are the figures I need to pick up from Rai and Aya, as I have purchased them. I don’t foresee any other figures I have to pick up.. T_T Missing out on Chopper and Zolo Strong Edition sucks, but I must be strong and realistic, if anyone sees my room, they’ll know.  >_<

I collected all the artbooks I want at the moment, if I see more from old series I like. No excuse. If I see that SMAP photobook of when they were in NYC, I would probably get it. Still I would like to see if I can pick up some more Chi’s Sweet Home items, and maybe cell phones straps or pencil boards.Or maybe some of manga’s and J-pop cds at BookOff.

CD’s to definitely look for. City Hunter OST.. I saw it last year and didn’t get it. Hopefully will find it this year again!

Still I don’t foresee needing to purchase a lot, as my expenses will probably go for food, and travel.. and omiyage relevant items. Plus all those vending machine items.

I placed a list of things I want to do..and will probably try to work through that list.

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