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Day 2-Otome Road/Milky Way again.. and BookOff hopping!!!

March 14 -9:42 Tokyo Time/March 13 7:42 New York Time

Happy White Day!

My day started as I did with opening the tiny television in my room to check the time.  My posts are off by two or three day, and pretty delayed as I try to supplement my posts with pictures? While Moy is at his concert, Jan decided to spend the day with my friends and me. I previously arranged to meet up with Rai and Aya at Ikebukuro’s HSBC bank..so we made it out at an early time to Ikebukuro, and exited the wrong exit. Backtracking, along with asking a Japanese police officer, we made it the East Exit.

The night prior, Rai wanted to have lunch, so I jumped at the chance for Milky Way… and my god, it was fabulous. One of my most memorable restaurants in Tokyo, service and food great! I recommend it to anyone who visits Tokyo, and Ikebukuro. They do serve foreigners, with some limited English, and a colorful menu. Now I had a hamburger gratin doria… and it was delicious…the rice was melting in my mouth. Then I had a parfait…and mentally sobbed since it was so much better than Hiroko’s Place.

After lunch we walked to Sanrio store, where I was surrounded with pink and cuteness, purchased some things, including a new Neko character wallet. Kinda sad that there were no Chococat products, but I assume that if I decided to go to Purio Land, which I am opting out of, that I would find Chococat products. Originally was going to go BookOff hopping with Aya, but really got distracted by Otome Road.

Some thoughts about Otome Road, nothing has changed much since my last visit, except for the various different products I see there. Personally I still had the same weird awkward feeling stepping into the very small hentai sections meant for guys who go in there. Probably because of the amount of hentai was a lot more than I was use to, so I am still thinking about this post I wrote last year on Shit Storm. There is way more openness about erotic aspects, as I am noticing in terms of what type of stores is around me this time around. Since I took pictures of Otome Road last year, this year wasn’t as focused on taking as much pictures. Although I was shutter happy for the most part in some other parts. I am going to to be throwing up images onto Flickr, but it will be more controlled, rather than like last year’s images.

First attempt to sell cards to K-Books 3, fail – since the series, Ouran High School Host Club wasn’t bl-enough, will sell to Mandarake instead.

After Otome Road, we finally did what Aya’s wanted to do. Made it to two BookOff locations, before we got lost trying to get to the third one. Before walking though, I had to try out Japanese version of Starbucks’s Sakura Frappachino.. yum!

A lot of walking, and ended it with Ebi Burger from McDonald’s. Later today…visiting two butler cafes’… Expect a lengthy write up soon, although my thing is that I will be doing wordy posts, and then upload pics when I have my chance to.

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