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Tokyo’s Disney Sea ^_^


Well months – past and yes I can say that this experience was going to be a memory trip for me. I do know that Rai already wrote about this.. so I know the hold up with me, is photographs… I am putting this under a cut, since this entry is pretty image heavy.

So the day started bright and sunny. I made a trip to Tokyo from Minami Senju on the JR route. It was interesting to be heading in a part of Tokyo that is opposite the way I normally traveled to Ikebukuro or Shinjuku.

Tokyo Station is one of the busiest in the world. I felt like I was traveling at the airport for the most part, hallways were sooo long, escalators, electronic walkways and all. I wished I took pictures… I even walked past Aya, who was in a bookstore. We met up with Rai though.

We made it to Disney Sea around 12-ish? Decided not to take the Disney Train  specifically to the park, so we walked it. Alongside the long block down, I saw the resort’s hotel and, palm trees.

Pathway - look palm trees!

Disney Sea is one specific park that is unique to being an American themed park in a country filled with Japanese anime characters. Talk about competition, or rather what is popular or not. Amusement parks are very popular with people who are dating, as well as youth/children. I saw lots of people, have on these cute ear head accessories, or even have these huge keitai strap on the side of their bags. Also saw a lot of gloves being sold as a set. So many people, wearing these products!

So fast forward past the reaching the park, the globe, the ticket getting.. then long lines formed, with people wanting to take pictures with the Disney Mascots, so… after staring a while. We moved on.. pressed slightly for time.

We decided to go in a circle, hitting one land after the other. So our first land was the Triton’s Castle – went on rides mostly with Aya, since Rai was more use to amusement parks than we both were, or rather- I was afraid of heights. We had lunch in this part of the park. Triton’s part was also a kiddies ride, so we ended up doing a lot of simple rides. It was fun! I kept on staring at Japanese kids though, and they stared back at me.

Jumped over to Aladdin’s Agrabah, went on my favorite ride- merry-go-round. This particular one was amazing in my opinion, with it being a double level one. Huge!

Merry Go Round from outside

Got lost slightly from Aya and Rai, apparently there was someone famous in the park, so instant mob scene. Met quickly back up with Aya and Rai, ended up going through Sinbad’s adventures, which was a storyboard water ride. The story was sung in Japanese, so it was amusing to listen to, but I had no idea what was anyone was signing – except for “Compass to your heart”

Came outside, and saw Arabian themed – Donald, Daisy, Jafar, Aladdin, Jasmin, Stitch characters.. all pretty much mobbed. Japanese people love to take pictures with any mascot…..

We skipped past Indian Jones area, once we realized that the roller coaster’s line wait was for four hours. We walked past, and actually before stepping into the next land, got distracted by park staff. They were hiding Mickey away, before he apparently would get mobbed. So Aya and I were finally able to get a picture together with a mascot. >_<  It is one of the few pictures I got taken at Tokyo, but picture taking of me this year was a long more than last year…

The afternoon had definitely turned more chilly, cloudy and colder. We waited for a 1.5-2 hours on a line to ride a virtual reality ride, which was scary – since it stimulated a fighter jet, with a setting reminiscence of Black Lagoon‘s second episode. Then after wards went to take a ride that was riding around like a spinning tea cup on water, with pretty lights! At this time, I guess my camera started to definitely lose battery, plus it was getting dark, so I ended up having to switch over to my cell phone camera for the most part.

We headed to another part of the park via a inner-park railway. Before boarding the train, we stopped for some sweet snacks/dinner.  Meat filled pastry and maple honey syrup sticks that reminded me of churros for one. I kept on smelling throughout the day, this nice sweet scent, so I finally knew what was the smell. So the food was all very warm, so I was so glad, since I was the worst one of my friends. I dressed too light for the day’s excursions. It is any wonder that I didn’t get sick.

We reached the ‘American’ part of the park, and got on a 2 hour line to wait for the Tower of Terror. The wait was long, felt like a 3 hour wait, and cold, and damp. I kept on thinking back to Hikki’s concert, heat patches would have been such a friend on this wait. During the long line’s wait, we went through a grave yard spooky set… since I have never went to any Tower of Terror before, this was Rai’s Coup de grâce, our final ride in a fun filled day.

The ride was spoken in Japanese, and the story for Tower of Terror was completely different from what I recalled vaguely of a Steven Guttenberg movie I saw a long time ago. What a heart stopping scary ride it was. I was so scared of this experience, that I kept my eyes tightly closed during this entire ride, and grabbed on to Aya for dear life. I felt my feet lift from the ground.

After this experience was over, we went to get omiyage. That was interesting. It was drizzling at this point, so we rush to take the Disney train back to Tokyo. Aya and I were rushing for the last trains back to our respective stations at this point.

After all this was done and over, this is my first experience at a Japanese themed park. I am never going to take the Tower of Terror anywhere. I have wonderful memories with Aya and Rai. Hoping to eventually go back with other friends.

Also what we normally pay extra for the fast past to speed up on lines in U.S. theme parks. At Disney Sea, it turned out to be something a visitor didn’t have to pay for, so waiting on those insane lines was for nothing.  T_T

I got a majority of tourist pictures on my flickr account.

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  1. August 22, 2010 at 12:12 am

    love ur story of this adventure.

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