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Anime Figure – Bonta-kun (ボン太くん)

April 13, 2010 2 comments

I should be working on uploading my Japanese trip’s photos as well as finish my drafts for my trip, but definitely working on it. I was able to pre-order this figure last year when I heard it was coming out from Bandai in Japan. I had it sent to Rai’s home, and so when I saw her this time, I picked it up, and transported it back to the U.S. While this is not officially loot I acquire on my trip, it was something I felt that I obtained, that I saved money in postage and mailing fees for Rai, so that was a satisfaction.

Bonta-kun is a character that appeared primarily in Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu So with my acquiring the anime figure, my dream for acquiring a plushie has gone down slightly. I am still hoping, but with how fast products come and go in Japan. Pretty hopeless. (>_<)

I uploaded the rest of the informal photo shoot up on Flickr, but under the cut are images that I found that was pleasing to my eye, and definitely something I found pleasure in as I experimented with a couple of poses.

One thing to note, this figure does not come with a base, there was an advertisement insert that advertises the ability to purchase a base for Bonta-kun though. Also since this was a figure that was made in China, I had some difficulties and fear of the arms having some joint problems in the future.

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