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Manga Review: Crown of Love

April 18, 2010 1 comment

Hisayoshi Tajima is an aloof, yet very attractive 16 year old honor student. He has a princely persona, that has many females in his school admiring him. However, what happens if he falls for teen idol Rima Fujio. Then he gets the opportunity to become an idol like Rima? They meet, and then he learns that she sees him as a rival and pretty much dislikes him?

I was surprised as to how this story was developed in the first volume. I had my fears that this manga would be a typical shoujo manga, that would be filled with plenty of sappy parts to read through. Yet this book may prove me wrong in quickly judging a book just by the cover.  While reading this book definitely does not make me do a turnabout for what my prior fears are about the shoujo genre. This book is unique enough for me to say that this is definitely something new to experience or read. This story has a male at the center of being the main character, where normally the female would be. The story explores from the perception of the male on what happens if he attracts the attentions of more than one female.

The personalities and perspectives of the character in this manga are very personable and realistic. That under the exterior of every pretty face or perfect family, there is always a different or maybe darker imperfect side. Similar to the Loveless, another series of Yun Kouga, Crown of Love is very character driven, and an exploration into the journey of loving a celebrity. I will look into reading the second volume of this series.

Crown of Love is actually a revised work from an earlier work of Yun Kouga. One of the things I appreciate about a manga, are the author notes often found at the end of a volume. They would develop and introduce the author/artist to fans, though the note might be dated- it is still an interesting look into the feelings of a creative individual.

Crown of Love was a courtesy gift from Kris of Girl G33k who I met from Daniella via All About Manga. This review is going to be part of the Manga Blogger Exchange.

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