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Mushishi are the tales of Ginko, a man after mushi, a micro-organism that can either hurt or help humans. They are always there, but it is the luck or the ill fortune of humans who get involved. Always something life changing occurs. Ginko can never stay in one place too long, since he would be attracting mushi, like swarms. But various stories take place in a rural world of an agricultural based homely Japan, and each story can take place with the premises of years or across seasons.

Memorable stories for me is when Ginko visits a place where the deceased are reborn from mushis. Or when a mushi brings prophetic dreams for a man that would result in tragedy. Or what about when a mushi consumes a human’s short term memory. Then what about when a mushi lures a girl from the sky like shoe string, but she survives. Or what about when a mushi acts as a letter carrier?

If I were to say what are things I like about this manga, it is for the subtle entertainment value. Mushishi is very slice of life, as well as a life experiences. Something to get use to reading. It is definitely easy to read the book in one sitting, but to then reflect on messages of certain stories, makes for an interesting outlook. As a reader, one would always read to entertain one self, or draw similarities or whatifs. Mushishi is something that can appeal to both genders. I also do enjoy reading the various folk lore references that is explained toward the back of the story, where there are explanations of translations.

Mushishi is by Yuki Urushibara. There is an English release of the manga by Del Rey, as well there is an 26-episode anime, and a movie. Both the movie and the anime series are licensed by Funimation.

This blog post is a response to April’s Manga Moveable Fest hosted by Ed Sizemore.

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