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[Manga] Kingyo Used Books Vol 1

July 1, 2010 Leave a comment

I was excited when I received this in the mail. I pre-ordered this book a while ago from Book Depository. People can read chapters of this books online for free, from ikki. Nothing for me beats the physical feel of a book though. So what to say about this series, it is a treasure trove of learning for readers who want to learn about popular manga titles from the land of the rising sun.

Japan has an manga industry that publishes more than the United States so far has, and mostly the United States gets its publications from translations of Korean or Japanese older titles. Still, my opinion is that getting the chance to read about works within a work is an interesting way to learn about history.

For each manga title mentioned, there is a bit of a history at the end of each chapter in terms of the ikki version or at the back of each book in the print version. Dr. Slump, Sarusuberi, Moretsu Ataro, Billy Puck, Blueberry, The Chizumi and Fujiomi-kun series, and Magnolia Sho are titles mentioned. With the exception of Dr. Slump, none of the other manga titles are translated in English, so reading these descriptions can whet the appetite for trying to learn Japanese to read some of these book titles.

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