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Otakon 2010 Summary/Recap

August 6, 2010 2 comments

This year I was at Otakon as press for Anime Diet, and I have to say this is the first that I have used all my powers as press to even did what I did this year. Is it a person give up of attending press panels, when there are fan panels. Probably, but what my comprehension was of this convention, and any other convention – is that there must be an agenda to keep. So this year was an interest in attending Japanese music guests events. I have been at Otakon for a couple of years now, and my interest have changed slightly with each year that I have been attending Otakon. I have always attended as much Japanese guest appearances as much as possible though.

There are way too many things to try and plan for, and with Anime Diet being only a few people this year on the East coast. There’s only so much I can do, so I mostly ran around, and saw some friends that I did.

Was only able to plan to attend one fan panel on Friday,and did some several 18+ panels at night, which I wasn’t as impressed with.Didn’t get to see Welcome to Space Show premiere, so found myself at odds with attending press conference on Sunday. Attended the major concerts – Yoshida Brothers, HMK, and then sat thru Masquerade to listen to a fantastic – only two song performance by Yoshiki and Sugizo

Mostly on Saturday, I attended four press conferences.. If I did meet people, then I met people.

On Saturday night, hung out with some friends, in their hotel room. Then on Sunday made it to Dealers Room and not Artist Alley… bummer.. I might have missed the chance of seeing one of my favorite fan artists as well.

I got a some graphic novels, some video games, and an autograph from Yoshida Brothers.

Next con I will be going for is NYCC/NYAF.

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