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CD Review: City Hunter Sound Collection X and Y

August 17, 2010 2 comments

Recently I was staring at my lists of drafts, and a majority of those entries are things I began when I was in Japan. One of these years, need to finish writing about my Japan trip.. even a loot entry is eventually fine. Well Japan trip is going to be started after I finish ever going through all my images on Flickr. For my sporadic updates or not, probably people should count that as an abandoned entries or images right. But for me, those are memories I wish I had more motivation to finish through. But enough about blog/writing complaining.

For classic anime fans, they should know this title. City Hunter, which is a series that was popular during the latter part of the 80’s and early 90’s. Jackie Chan and  Michael Chow did Hong Kong live live action remakes of this title. I also know that South Korea brought the rights for producing this work, although not sure if the project began or not.

I was able to pick up Sound Collection X and Y during my trip. Sound Collection Y- I found in BookOff was what set it off, and Sound Collection X is something I ordered from, and it got to me pretty fast. I have seen these cds in NYC Kinokuniya a long while ago, I lost the opportunity to purchase them, so you can say I snatched them up when I was in Japan.

Sound Collection are both are two-disc cds editions. There are some duplicates if you ever picked up any of City Hunter’s cds/soundtracks. But I found as a collector, that these two cds actually summed up the music of the anime series pretty well.

Sound Collection X has all the openings and endings of all of the anime, and movies vocals. Listening to this soundtrack reminds me of  a similar feel in older music, a majority of the tracks had a action beat to them. Like Angel Night~天使のいる場所~(PSY-S). Some are pretty tracks, no other words to describe it. The lyrics are quite pretty. A majority of them are also great listening music. I really like ~MORE MORE しあわせ(荻野目洋子) which was the theme for Million Dollar Conspiracy. They are also pretty dated, since the music at the 80’s to 90’s was pretty techno-ish. SUPER GIRL(岡村靖幸) or ~SMILE & SMILE(AURA) or ~STILL LOVE HER(失われた風景)(TM Network) fit into that category.

Sound Collection Y, has a majority of the insertion tracks. There are instrumentals, English vocals. My favorite would have to be Nina, since it was part of the.357 Magnum movie, which was my first encounter with this series.

I still have to collect Sound Collection Z, which is a drama cd. I will leave you with a youtube clip of Nina to listen to.

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