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Creating Twitter background….

August 26, 2010 Leave a comment

By no means is this a how to do tutorial.. I just decided to blog about it briefly to just say what my feelings are. It is very much like creating an icon, as size is definitely dictated by how much of the image you want to show, and not let the rest of the Twitter text take it over. I usually use Photoshop to create composite images. Then after using the Twitter images, I usually upload to my deviantart account. When I say I am not an artist, I guess these twitter backgrounds validate my account on DA.

Since I am an anime and a manga fan, my choice in background is as such. One of these days I would definitely like to try and create a working business background, but so far- doing these simple Twitter backgrounds – makes it fun for me to change my background ever so often. If I can probably use this energy to create very simplistic background – probably want to go back and take some courses on computer design.

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