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Twitter Follow Friday. ^_^

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I am piggy backing on @mbeasi‘s nifty blogging things at this moment. The post is quite late… >_<  So I am going to do a personal roll call for people’s tweets that has recently within the past two months led me to actually go and learn something more about a personalized favorite subject. Whether it is in Japanese culture relevancy, or manga or just all around coolness factor, as often reading these Tweets can perk up a day on the net.

@michaelpinto – He tweets with categories that disseminates Twitter even more into richer metadata. There’s not a lot of subjects I can really gleam from, but on the occasional posting about these lesser known Japanese works, technology and gadget news. I find myself sometimes mentally fangirling. ^_^

@hisuiRT– Sarcastic and witty, hisuiRT has became a pretty nifty person to speak to on Twitter. He tweets a lot about specific anime/manga/hobby topics. What I definitely like from his tweets is the personality and probably multiple-facted quirks you can get him to talk to you about. He is one half of Reverse Thieves and RT are running a anime Secret Santa at this moment.

@debaoki -Continually tweeting about new manga, or her wine trips, she is often the person to definitely retweet if you wan to learn about manga news/industry in the United States. She is immensely knowledgeable about gathering a niche focus group together, and continually I see her as a center person to refer back on. She writes for

@edsizemore -As a networking strong presence for specific manga/comic reviews, that he champions. There is his tweets, and podcasts. His tweets are often insightful, and sometimes though provoking. I look forward to reading his varied reactions to graphic novels. He writes as part of Comics worth reading.

@yuricon – She’s always mentions various topics that are either on industry, social media, graphic novels news, or LGBT rights relevance. I find her tweets educational and definitely re-tweet-able. She writes pro-yuri and female liberalism blog entries on Okazu.

So reading this list, you may or may not follow these people… but since they tweet consistently and frequently on the net on topics that I find quite interesting, I definitely find their tweets consistently something to follow up on.

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