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Some thoughts and examination of gender issues thru videos..

October 26, 2010 1 comment

Lately I have been on such a Grasshopper listening binge.. if you see my tweets, and hear my sister complaining about how much links I throw on. But FYI, Grasshopper is a Cantonese pop trio, who sings a lot of sappy romance songs. I grew up with listening them when they were students of the late and great Anita Mui. But I digress..

What promoted this entry is just a need to show a slew of Youtube videos.. and raise questions on gender thoughts…

While you don’t need to understand the video, the song is basically on how easy it it is for woman to be emotional, while to be a man is something of strength, so Grasshoppers were singing of this desire to be born a woman, with men kissing fanservice thrown in. That I see a lot of when my friend Aya shows pictures of Japanese concert fanservice.  Fanservice for men and woman.. there’s also half naked woman in this clip. Brings to mind another video on DJ Ozma, and Kohaku several years ago.

Now take a look on the opposite side, with Hikki’s You Make Me Want to be a Man. Her inspiration for writing this though was, born of wanting to deal with her martial issues at the time. Leading to the issues of how gender issues between men and woman are different.

Lastly, there is Haruna Ai… I always find her to be a great Japanese celebrity example of crossing the barrier between gender reassignment, though I am not sure about her gaining a boyfriend. At times it boggles the mind of how confident she appears to be, she’s always wearing these outfits, and how she acts as a celebrity to earn money for her surgery.

This following video is when she went to the Philippines and visited the CPDRC prison there. The warden is saying what type of prisoners are there, a tour thru the facilities, then a look at the prisoners. Finally the video ends on 700 prisoners following after Haruna Ai in a dance.

So then gender thoughts…. it is a pretty interesting thought to think about, and you see either through song, or an example of what makes a desire of this either figuratively or literally.

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