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Recap to NYC Greenwich Halloween Parade 2010

DJ Ozma inspired...

This is a pretty late entry, but for my memory purposes. Not that it is any shape and form relevant to Japanese culture, unless you count the amount of Asians I saw this year, as well as the occasional anime costume wearing people, then this is one possible activity that adults in New York City do on Halloween that is different from the kiddies going trick or treating.

The Greenwich Halloween Parade is a procession of people in costume walking from Spring Street to a designated area. This is an annual parade that occurs in NYC, that if applied earlier and with good reasoning – then it is a treasure trove of photographs to be taken.

Brain anyone?

This is my first year as press for the venue, so other than feeling some soreness, it is a good practice for night time photography. So other than following the directions of the NYPD, and surrendering a majority of images for press photos, as well as following with a lot of other photographers, and fighting positions for the best poses/shots.. then my memories of Halloween is going to be something like this for the time being. Much like cosplay, I really am not sure if I have the interest to go dress up.

Some costumes that stood out for me

  • The Chile miners, people seen the rescue, so what else can people dress up as?
  • Bedbugs, yes NYC has an infestation.
  • Outlandish costumes such as naked girls, paint girls, padded guys, woman and her tampon, laundry – are quite memorable for me. I didn’t get an image of the woman and her tampon, but yes I can remember it and chuckle.
  • A group of Japanese dressed and dancing to DJ Ozma’s Bounce With Me… that is easily one of my favorite moments of the parade. That song while, very very tacky is memorable in being a highly wtf moment on Kohaku a couple of years ago.

Monkey King

A gallery of my images are all available here for print sale or perusal, so these images.. I share are only a snippet of my memories.

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  1. greenmilktea
    November 6, 2010 at 3:39 pm

    Those people’s costumes are pretty awesome. I should have went to check it out.

  2. miz
    November 7, 2010 at 1:09 am

    Advice.. get there early!!!! Otherwise it’ll be just people watching people. ^_^

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