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Zipperhead Movie Screening

January 30, 2011 Leave a comment

Just this past Friday, I made my way to 17 Frost, amidst the incredibly snowed covered parts of Williamsburg and attended a performance to the movie screening of Zipperhead. This is my third time seeing the show, and I definitely enjoyed myself with every time I see this multimedia show. I wrote about this show way back when it was initially shown at Monkeytown.

The movie is going to be made into a DVD, with more commentary. Settling into the cushy black seats, I found myself back in Andrew Sarchus’s tormented journey again.

Prior to the video clip staring, heard some opening remarks from Steven Pacia, on the movement for 17 Frost to having more multimedia show experiences. Personally I definitely would love to hear more from Sineparade. I like Demon a lot from Zipperhead, but here’s a Here’s a movie clip shown during the presentation of Zipperhead: “Closer Now”

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MMF: Karakuri Odette -Odette Yoshizawa or Arale Norimaki?

January 18, 2011 6 comments

Whenever there is a chance in Manga Movable Feast to talk abut a title that tugged my interest, then you would see a prospective from me. This feast’s pick is Karakuri Odette by Julietta Suzuki, and other blogger responses to this MMF will be hosted by Anna of Manga Report here.

Reading about androids is nothing new in my experience. I didn’t initially think much of Karakuri Odette, since the art really wasn’t that great to look at, but the plot draws people in slowly, and appeal in the discovery department. People can on a superficial level can compare Karakuri Odette to Chobits, but I find myself staring at another works as being something more similar.

Arale as part of a bag, photographed by me.

Dr. Slump.

There is large difference in the appearance, and plot happenings, however there are some similarities to be made between Odette and Arale.

  • Both have creators  deceiving a large part of the world on their non-living creation.
  • Both have an inherent desire to be a part of the world that they are living in.
  • Both do change other people in their life.
  • There is the appearance of another robot, that may or may not like the female robot (Chris, and Obotchanman/Carmelman#4)

There are also plot parts that are similar such as the mention of food/cooking, in volume 2, and the part when the professor placed a camera on their robot in volume 1. Both are of different time, so reading is your choice. Dr. Slump deviates from slice of life into talking about other aspects, and ends in 18 volumes, while Karakuri Odette ends with six volumes.

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Origami and slight random updates.

January 17, 2011 Leave a comment

So yes winter is banking pretty much in New York City, and what else can I do, other than think about warmer weather. Job hunting is certainly something that is done on a flurry of on/off moments. Rather several things this week as I have my errands to run.

  1. Get to the library to pick up some manga.
  2. Post something for Manga Movable Feast this week.. Karakuri Odette (no this is not related to Swan Princess)

Somethings has happen though, I have been slowly getting back into reading my Google Reader.. very slowly though. My blog reading count is still in the 1000’s but what else to do. I have been on and off Twitter. I think I can control my tweeting to only doing it with my cell phone at some points.

Another is something I find myself going nuts for. Folding paper aka Origami, and for this I happened to get something in the mail on Saturday.

Granted it is the book that is by the organizer of a weekly origami group that I join last fall, but I still find that it is anifty thing to get into. With practice and and a little pocket change one can indeed fold something of interest.

Crease + Fold has origami projects that is not organized by level of origami folding. Rather it is organized by how big the finished product would be.

For a person like me, who is still learning how to read diagrams to fold more projects.  I find that I like the folding explanations toward the beginning. It is not lost in technical jargon, and very layman speech for some parts.

Also another nifty thing about this book, is that every page is in color. So as a visual appreciator, folding can be a bit more tempting to do.

A majority of the projects in this book are explaining about folding animals, but there are some that I find myself wanting to do in the future. Sweetheart Dress, Subway Map Wallet  or a Sakura Blossom. Reading this book does take some time. I am experimenting, and the diagrams does pose some issue, but origami is a rewarding craft in the end.

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Snowbound, and Ayumi.

January 13, 2011 Leave a comment

All right.. mostly NYC has been cold.. and really cold.. dreary even, with the amount of snow and slush that has happen. So what to curl up with, in spite of my waiting for one more shipment of manga from RightStuf…. is listening and comparing different versions of Ayumi Hamasaki’s Days on youtube. A friend loves to sing this song at karoke, so I happen to fall back into listening to more of Ayumi’s songs. She also recently got married, so that was a surprise.

Days is a great song on a one sided love…. so of course I have my preference in watching the original, unfortunately that song is only half complete on Youtube….

Where as the acoustic orchestral version got the entire version of the music video up. It is okay, but it doesn’t leave me with the same feeling as the original. (sighs)

But never fear.. there’s the live concert version, which is a little off.. since Ayumi is crying in this one. It was quite interesting explaining this to an obvious non-J-pop friend of mine, who asked why the guy was half naked… and I explained to fan on the enthusiasm of the screaming fans.

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Thoughts on fan’s love and music artists..

January 2, 2011 Leave a comment

One of the things I am always quite tickled by is how much appreciation or not aritsts can show for fans at their concerts.

Personal experience in my mind is of when Hikki said at her In the Flesh concert last year, on if she can’t remember the lyrics, then she can always have her fans remind her of songs she has composed..since a majority of audience were singing back the songs.. myself included.

Same for when Toshi was singing Endless Rain, at their new york concert. I was pretty choked up.. so you can only imagine what type of concert videos I appreciate a lot of.

  1. The fans must know lyrics for the songs, the artists sing, otherwise it is grasping for air, as I did see in a set once.
  2. Artists must show an acknowledgment..

Those two points make me sound really obnoxious, it probably does. I don’t really go to a lot of concerts, but, I do find utter pleasure to see artists pleased and enjoying themselves. So in the end if both parties enjoy themselves, then that translates to a good concert, in spite of how much venues of this nature can go up to.

These days I have been on a continual kick of listening to a lot of Cantonese pop… not the new ones.. but of the old ones.. got to say that I love Youtube for having videos and showing me these moments.

You don’t have to know the lyrics or the meanings for the songs… but first is Grasshoppers’s “Break up Garden”..what cemented this video in my memory is from 1:19.

Then another is Beyond’s “Under a Vast Sky”…. This is a encore, but the emotions of the fans and singer are riveting.

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Happy New Year 2011!

January 1, 2011 3 comments

Drawn by Mel-vivi at Deviantart

I have not been as regular as updates on this blog, but once again.. let’s try it again for the year. I have become more of an observer, but if you do read Anime Diet or, JLHLS my writings do appear there, more or less as a regular contributor. I have in my time of watching anime, turned more and more to reading manga….. so I am following that trend.

I have been finding myself more on is on Twitter, so I’ll probably be writing more of my quick thoughts there. This blog will probably suffer some lack of updates, but will try to keep it going, since there are some ideas I still want to share.

Personally for this blog:

  • I want to be able to be more on top of sharing/linking/updating my photos…
  • I want to be able to gain more experience in reading manga, even though that is limiting my reading time for other materials.
  • I actually want to continue this blog on writing about impressions that is not on forefront ideas for Anime Diet.

So may all have a great new year!

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