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Thoughts on fan’s love and music artists..

One of the things I am always quite tickled by is how much appreciation or not aritsts can show for fans at their concerts.

Personal experience in my mind is of when Hikki said at her In the Flesh concert last year, on if she can’t remember the lyrics, then she can always have her fans remind her of songs she has composed..since a majority of audience were singing back the songs.. myself included.

Same for when Toshi was singing Endless Rain, at their new york concert. I was pretty choked up.. so you can only imagine what type of concert videos I appreciate a lot of.

  1. The fans must know lyrics for the songs, the artists sing, otherwise it is grasping for air, as I did see in a set once.
  2. Artists must show an acknowledgment..

Those two points make me sound really obnoxious, it probably does. I don’t really go to a lot of concerts, but, I do find utter pleasure to see artists pleased and enjoying themselves. So in the end if both parties enjoy themselves, then that translates to a good concert, in spite of how much venues of this nature can go up to.

These days I have been on a continual kick of listening to a lot of Cantonese pop… not the new ones.. but of the old ones.. got to say that I love Youtube for having videos and showing me these moments.

You don’t have to know the lyrics or the meanings for the songs… but first is Grasshoppers’s “Break up Garden”..what cemented this video in my memory is from 1:19.

Then another is Beyond’s “Under a Vast Sky”…. This is a encore, but the emotions of the fans and singer are riveting.

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