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Japanese variation of Valentine Day, some thoughts on Giri/Tomo Choco

A couple of years ago, when I was still in college, I did an school newspaper editorial write up of this issue before. Japanese variation toward Valentine’s Day is very much like an American version of Sadie Hawkins. At the time, I knew I had feedback on what an cute idea this is.

When in Japan and on Valentine’s Day females do give chocolate to significant others or friends. Then one month after that fact, on March 14, men give back white themed gifts on white day. Last year I had my taste of White Day in Japan. Now this year, my experience is going to be in the states.

Valentine’s Day has become a pretty commercial holidays, where the price of chocolate, and significance of not being alone on one particular day pressures, and is represented in very obvious ways in advertisements or entertainment. I read this as a single male perspective, and definitely am going to go celebrating this commercial holiday my own way.

Of course I just read recently that there is a trend of girls in Japan not giving out chocolates to boys, and instead giving it to their female friends instead. This is what is known as tomo choco. Now the opposite of when a girl gives a guy friend who is not their significant other chocolate, that is called giri choco. Since I am single and not at all mindful of being single, I have gotten in the mindset of giving tomo choco and giri choco to my friends.

Just thinking that it is a thought to not be so blue on Valentine’s Day, not get so caught up in the idea of Valentine’s Day as being a couple holiday and just celebrate it as a day of giving, and maybe receiving chocolate from friends.

Of course you can ignore the day and I do know that there is going to be friendship day one of these days, but all the same. I hope that Valentine’s Day won’t be as blue for a lot of people as I imagine.

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