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Kinokuniya’s Day of celebrating Valetine Day via Anime and Manga

Since Valentine’s Day is on Monday this year, this past weekend New York City’s Kinokuniya had a afternoon of events in the name of celebrating Valentine’s Day. One thing to start off the event was a free giveaway from Viz, so Kinokuniya was promoting Mistress Fortune, a new manga from Tanemura Arina.

This event was suitably advertised, so when I arrived at the bookstore, the place was very packed. It was starting to feel relatively stifling, so just as some tips for attending an event at Kinokuniya. Come early to claim a spot! Go with friends, so that if you need to vacate a seat for a few minutes, make sure you have a place to come back to.

Samurai Beat Radio panelists

I made it to listen to Samurai Beat Radio’s panel on hip hop music’s influence on Japan and what anime/manga are also hip hop culture inspired. The panel went on for about an hour, there were comment integration from Hip Hop USA.

These are points that I was able to pick up from the onset of the panel.

  • Graffiti art also goes well with the Hip hop comment, so hip hop in Japan had it roots at Yoyogi Park around the 1980’s.
  • Hip hop in Japanese culture at the beginning was an underground movement, and Slang got adopted by the Japaneses.

There are three significant titles that show hip hop influences:

  • Tokyo Tribes (Manga inspired by the events of Shibuya gang relevant issues. Licensed in English by Tokyopop)
  • Samurai Champaloo (Time of samurai, there’s also hip-hop)
  • Afro Samurai (Black samurai)

Other lesser significant titles that has hip hop influence are Tengo Tenge, Paranoia Agent, and Gintama.

Popular Japaneses artitsts that is influenced by hip hop included Home Made Kazoku, Dragon Ash, M-flo, Rip Slyme, Halcali, ZEBRA. From these artist mentioned, I definitely didn’t mind hearing the samples that were played.

Following this program there was a mention and giveaway provided by @onepiecepodcast

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