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Two Ghibli Shorts Screened One Night Only at Carnegie Hall

March 31, 2011 Leave a comment

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Aria MMF: Sunday Links and Closing Remarks

March 27, 2011 2 comments

After experiencing technical issues Saturday night, I was slightly late with writing and posting Saturday’s links, and in the meantime. TheBigN of Drastic My Anime Blog, emailed me his contributions for this Feast from his team. I know TheBigN is an anime blogger, and one aspect of Manga Movable Feast, that may be daunting to non-manga readers is this title of Manga Movable Feast. However I love to think back to what Johanna wrote about encouraging for a variety of posts, so I tried to be more encouraging for bloggers (if they were able) to contribute with links on the anime series.

I will be very happy that people who participate in this MMF, who have not seen the anime, will at least get the chance to see the anime for themselves in the future. If wishes were possible, it would be a great experience to sit in a large room to view the anime together. (sighs) So are my memories of my high school anime club. Before I go into another tangent. Getting back on track with what TheBigN wrote in the past and present about Aria.

His thoughts about the popularity of this series, is similar to what Sean mentioned. Is it because there is hardly anything to complain or speak ill about the series, that there is not as much support for it? Then there is his comparison for Aria to be watched with Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, and something to note. Kodansha is the manga publisher for this laid back, soothing series, so perhaps with fan support. The U.S. might see it published in English? His third link is a review on Volume 6.

Dm00 from TheBigN‘s blog, also writes a review of Volume 6, and he shares his opinion on how the manga may be lacking in comparison to the anime. With his concluding remark on a hope to not have to wait for Volume 7 until 2013. I really hope not, but we shall see what Tokyopop will do.

During the day of Sunday, I also receive a tweet from gerjomarty of Anientity, with his writeup on a brief analysis of Aria.

This is the last day that I will be accepting links, and so with the publishing of this entry, I declare this round of Manga Movable Feast over. Next month, please participate at Rob’s Panel Patter, with Rumiko Takahashi Manga Movable Feast, occurring from April 25 to May 1.

Sooo, I figure if anything, people would probably not want me to re-hash up thoughts again, come Monday, so I’ll sum it briefly here.

Prior to this Feast, I was pretty much wondering if there were a variety of posts, and from the amount of people that posted. I have to say that I thought this was a pretty successful Feast, did you enjoy reading it?

General observations, many posts in this Feast are reviewing on Aqua. There are also many posts that bloggers have written in the past of this series.

I really wish to thank the bloggers, fans, and reviewers, who have contributed to this Manga Movable Feast.  Happy Readings!

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Aria MMF: Day 7 Saturday links

March 26, 2011 1 comment

Technically this should be the last day of this Manga Movable Feast, but since I am still waiting for perhaps some more people who want to participate, and possibly appear at the last minute to notify me, then that would be fine. I would be labeling Monday’s entry, Post Aria MMF thoughts to sum up final thoughts to what I already find this week’s interesting MMF.

So this morning, Michelle Smith of Soliloquy in Blue sent me over her view on Aqua’s volumes 1 and 2.What I found points of agreement on was her points on the architecture buffs and of course I am going to recommend that for reviewers in this MMF, who discovered that they enjoyed Aqua or Aria, that they should definitely check out the first anime season for Aria. It is avaliable readily through Netflix to borrow or RightStuf.

Then midday, I found out that Connie of Slightly Biased Manga, mentioning of a RoundTable Discussion over at Manga Village. She still put in time with MMF, to review Aria Volume 6 and from there talks about a personal difficulty of keeping up with the reading it all at once, but to take it slowly at a time. Smelling roses was a great comparison, it led me to think about Festa Del Bocolo in volume 3, where of course, roses are given from a man to a woman.. ^_^

Just couldn't resist, throwing in an image.

Okay, okay before the image gets too distracting, can you see the roses?

Manga Village is a round table party between Connie, Justin Colussy-Estes, Lori Henderson and Amy Grocki, all discussing interesting questions such as, what appealed them to this series, would it work with/without science fiction genre, character points, and of course its unique publishing history in English. What an interesting conversation, wondering how this conversation was done, chat, phone? Ahhh the possibilities. I like that about discussions and debates, so much potential for answers. ^_^

Now I actually wrote something over at Anime Diet covering Aria’s Japanese artbooks, and of course with my Saturday purchase of a fourth art book by Amano Kozue, the link has become slightly outdated. I certainly did not expect to find out about a fourth art book, but grabbed it I did. Much to the sadness of my wallet, and the happiness of my manager friend at Kinokuniya. (>_<)

Also as for posting of this “late” link roundup, I see that TheBigN, actually emailed me more links to look over, but I definitely have to have something to talk about tomorrow!

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Aria MMF: Day 6 Friday Links

March 25, 2011 Leave a comment

I wrote about Neo Venezia as an environment with some thoughts, and linkage to Anime and Manga Bloggers for Japan. It really is important to note how the comforts of an environment would make it successful for the well being of a location.

Jason Green submitted for today, his republished article,  Float on Aria. This is an article that originally published in July/August 2008, and appeared in Protoculture Addicts, magazine issue #97. There are his thoughts on how the anime worked, endearing itself to viewers for what is different from a typical shonen type series. (Originally, Aria in Japan was marketed as a shonen target audience)

I am repeating that I will be taking links up to Sunday, with a recap in thoughts about this Feast on Monday. There is time still, so happy writing and enjoy the weekend.

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MMF: Dissecting Neo Venezia as an environment and thinking about Japan

March 25, 2011 1 comment

Consider the roles of the poeple in background have.

When Akari meets Woody in Volume 4, she learns of how Neo-Venezia operates as a city. How job roles are important, and can enhance a city’s life. Of course when I read this, I mentally smiled since it takes me back to my undergraduate education of learning about urban geography. Just how important an environment, and its inhabitants can fulfill a city to reach its potential?

For Neo Venezia and Aqua, there’s the Underground Gnomes’ gravity regulation, Land Undine/Mail water transport, Ai Slyhs’ transport, and Sky Salamander’ climate regulation. Of course, this adds to the prestige of how a city can appear to Manhome’s visitors, and since Neo-Venezia is a tourist spot, its role is to of course share a place of comfort and relaxation for visitors to spend money there.

There are so much to just be in awe and soothe by Neo Venezia, that here is a list of aspects in the manga, that has made me just think.

  • I can’t wish hard enough for a chance to visit Venice of course. Just like how that cafe episode makes me sigh, and think of the famed Piazza San Marco.
  • There is then the episode where the Akari, Aika and Alice go on a treasure hunt around the city, and discover that perfect viewing spot of Neo Venezia.
  • How about that part where Alicia takes Akari for her promotion on becoming a Single, and they go to the part where they wait to be raised in that canal elevator. Great engineer technique right, of damning and using water as a power force, very environmentally conscious?
  • Then there is that part where Akari and Alicia go on that day trip to end up at an abandoned train track, how an environment can change its environment after a period is just a wonder of nature. Or when Akari and Aika follow President Aria though the old parts of Neo-Venezia. Or how about that hotel that got converted to a hot spring. Very delightful to be mentioned in Aqua on how an old environment is revitalized and reused.

Hearing about the infrastructure, it is certainly heart breaking to know what has happened in Japan, with the March 11, tsunami. Infrastures and environments have collapse with cities and locations. Many cities on the North Japan were tourist locations. As with how Neo Venezia developled, can those locations ever regain the glory of pre-tsunami years? Knowing about the cleanup is certainly going to be hard, since there is just so much to cleanup, and rebuild.That’s one thing that Aria as a manga will not go into, the details of waste and dirt, it had been years since Mars was terraformed into Aqua. Then comparing it with post-tsunami Japan, reality vs. fiction. The casualty rate of the tsunami/earthquake has reached over 10,000, so the idea of how many individuals lost is really sad. As of now, there is still donations being collected, and a sincere wish for  Japan to rebuild.

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Aria MMF: Day 5 Thurday Links

March 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Today we have Lori Henderson of Manga Xanadu, contributing again for this week’s MMF. This time it is on her perspective of Aria Volumes 1 and 2. Earlier in this week, she has contribute with her review of Aqua.

I wrote about the three Cat presidents. There is going to be only a couple of days, so if you want to be included, please contact me via my animemiz [at] gmail.l [dot] com or @animemiz on Twitter.

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MMF: President/Cats or just feline bundles of love?

March 24, 2011 1 comment

I confess that I have only become a cat lover, when I first took in my own cat Tommy, over 10 years ago, and up to now at moments I do wonder why I happen to love cats. However loving the three presidents are only a sign that I am completely and utterly a feline admirer. I go all mushy and gooey when I see the three Presidents. If I had a choice I will go and hug/cuddle all of them! Please excuse me if this post becomes very fangirly.

Memorable Aria (アリア社長) moments:

  • Shows himself off as an adventurer: Running away from home or becoming a masked hero.
  • Shows off the fact that he’s a true Martian cat: His running interactions with Caith Sith. Also his “Nyu” and other cat sounds. ( I seriously adore cat sounds!)
  • Shows off the fact that he tries to be a attentive lover: His interactions with Hime, especially when I recall that food sharing moment. Not sure who to emphasize with more, Aria for trying too hard or Hime having standards.
  • Shows a side of him that loves Aria Company: He’s consistently worrying about his responsibilities as president, how he knows how to face job situation, by replacing his normal president hat, with the hats of those other occupations.

Memorable  Hime (ヒメ社長) moments:

  • Shows off what panel time she has: You don’t really get to see Hime, unless she’s with Aika.
  • Shows off her cat personality: She is a cat of refined grace, and poise. She is definitely the face of Himeya as a long lasting presence.
  • Shows off a silly view of her: Her with a shower cap at the bathhouses/hot springs with the others.

Aria, and Hime are introduced in Aqua, and Maa in Aria's later volumes.

Maa (まぁ社長) Memorable Moments:

  • Showing off the fact that she’s a kitty: She’s tiny, and so very cute. Her coloring is my favorite, since it is the color of my tuxedo cat. Also since she’s still a kitty, her youth shows a new and growing vitality the Orange Planet has.
  • Showing off her great personality: initial moment when she latched onto Alice, how she eats, and how she got named.
  • Showing an endearing side of her: Her attachment/sucking ability is enough to make Aria cry. At those moments I really pity Aria, but darned if it is not Schadenfreude, happiness at the misfortune of others.

*Her gender is already revealed in the anime, so I fell very hard for Maa in the anime.

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Aria MMF: Day 4 Wednesday Links

March 23, 2011 Leave a comment

We’ve reached the middle point of this feast, and I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing the links keep a coming. As I write along with entries of my own, I will be accepting, and then recapping it by next Monday, so I definitely invite people to continue to write more about this series, up to 11:59pm.

Tokyopop has only published up to only volume 6 is not enough, and if this is a license rescue, I definitely don’t want to see its run end here, and then have to restart over again with another publisher. With what I hear with DMP Guild, acquiring and maintaining licenses are not cheap.

Ash Brown of Experiments in Manga submits his review on Aqua Volume 1 and very much as what he said in his post on continuing to read, this is definitely a mantra with a lot of manga readers. I definitely commend this MMF to actually be an influence for readers to push through reading this wonderful series. If not from Aqua, you can be as Akari rows, there is really no need to read this series in linear fashion, but yes if you’re like Akari and can be rowing really fast from backwards, how about it?

Derik Badman of The Panelists revisits Aria and talks about how its repetition art styles, narrative writing style can appeal to readers more or less, but on the whole can be a deeper read than what general classification labels it. In this entry, he also writes heavily on a sensation of nostalgia, that is very quintessential on treating this future on how Mars is sustained for life. The series never shows how Manhome is like in the series, only through the eyewitness accounts of characters, can you see a reality that is Earth. Now Derik has also written about Aqua/Aria on three occasions before in the past, so please be sure to check it out. Aqua Volume 1Aria Volumes 1 to  3 and Aria Volume 5.

Ed Sizemore of as well as MangaOutloud Podcast supplies what has been to my knowledge fascinating podcast conversations of MMF since last year. I actually was on a previous Podcast conversation, so this is my “second” experience podcasting with Ed and others.  I am continually thankful that Ed has included my pretty much rambling, yet passionate thoughts on this subject. This conversation was recorded last Saturday just a day before MMF began. So speaking with Ed, Johanna, and Matt has definitely brought to mind what entries I can, and have been writing about this series.

Zzeroparticle of Anime Instrumentality has a wonderful review on Aria’s Soundtrack Collection, of course it is woefully out of print, so I really can’t emphasize on how much the music soundtrack compliment the series.

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