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Fist of Legend, sequel to Donnie Yen’s portrayal.

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Before I get into the song aspect, what is the inspiration of this post.. mostly because of the post and trailer that I saw here.

I forgot that Donnie Yen was going to be in a movie sequel of Fist Of Fury… I did see in an interview that he is a sincere fan of Bruce Lee.. just like Stephen Chow is. So here’s several prior initial impressions I have of Fist Of Legend.

  1. I really am not a fan of the period.Give me a contemporary Hong Kong movie piece but definitely post-Manchu Dynasty, and pre-Communist era. I probably won’t see this movie
  2. Action gets really boring.
  3. This is a very nationalistic Chinese message, nothing is wrong with that..just a lot of things I don’t want to think much about.

Fist of Fury is an original movie portrayed by Bruce Lee on Chen Zhen’s struggle for upholding the name of his dojo. This is a movie portrayed by Bruce Li, Jackie Chen and Jet Li, but if you look on the television drama, I can’t help but remember Donnie Yen’s initial potrayal of Chen Zhen in an ATV production. He is actually singing the drama’s theme song. So from what I can gather, Fist of Legend is a sequel of Fist of Fury the ATV television version.

Another random part I think about Fist of Fury is Stephen Chow’s parody of it, in his movie King of Comedy, the Fist of Fury reference comes in around 6:11.

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