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Aria MMF: Day 1 Sunday Links

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This is a recap of Sunday links submitted for Day 1. If you haven’t seen my past Tweets, as well as the helpful Twitter reminders from other Manga bloggers on their Twitter streams (Thanks @manga_critic!) Sunday, today is the beginning of March’s Manga Movable Feast. Actively I will promote throughout this week, what links has and will be written. Alternatively I will also be writing posts to the series on this blog as well. So please look under the category of Manga Movable Feast on this blog for those entries.

Already some people have sent me their past coverage of Aria. I am still quite happy to read and share it. These are links to articles that was written before this MMF.

Erica from Okazu has a comprehensive, and pretty extensive archive of blog entries devoted to Aria, 19 entries in total. Reading her anime and manga coverage possibly has some spoilers, but definitely well worth it to read of a love she has for Aria.

Johanna Draper Carlson from Manga Worth Reading shares her past link of
Book 1, Book 2, Book 4, Book 5, Book 6 These are individual reviews of the volumes that has been written, though there are some broken links within the entry (cough, Book 1), there’s nothing broken about her entries. Book 6 review definitely sums up how Aria as a series is, to relax with.

Aaron of Manga Power contacted me prior to this MMF, about a question he had on reposting his older review. So here is his opinion on Aria: Volume 1

Lastly Rob of Panel Patter for this month’s MMF read and wrote about his opinion on Aqua’s Volume 1-2. He’s definitely nailed one of the many favorite element I have from this series. The presidents!!!!

Aqua/Aria as a series in manga and anime is definitely something to get into. I was reminded by Rob actually that Netflix has Aria the anime. This month’s MMF, is also actively looking for links in terms of the Aria anime as well. People can submit links for archival purposes up to Sunday-Monday of this next week. Happy reading/watching and possibly writing?

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MMF: About Aria in Manga and Anime

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President Aria


Categorized as a science fiction and slice of life title, Aria is a complete manga series by Kouzue Amano. The series originally began with the title of Aqua, serialized in 2001, with Enix’s imprint magazine Stencil. It was then  picked up by Mag Garden monthly imprint of Comic Blade and published from 2002-2008. The series was renamed as Aria, and there are 12 volumes in total.

Similar to how its Japanese publication may have been a tongue twister, its American publication history has also been quite unique. Aria was originally licensed, translated and released by ADV Manga for three volumes, before they had to discontinued the series. Aria was then picked up by Tokyopop, and re-released from its Aqua beginnings. So many fans and readers of this series, treat the two-volume Aqua as the prologue to Aria. Tokyopop has currently released up to volume six of Aria, so there is no definite news to when the rest of the series shall be translated and released, however there are fans waiting.

In the meantime, take the time to check out the Animation series that was inspired by this manga. The three animation seasons and OVA has been released by Nozomi Entertainment, that is an imprint of Japanese Animation and Manga American retailer, To follow in order, from the beginning to the end, please note the series from  Aria the Animation (1st Season) Aria the Natural (2nd Season) Aria the OVA ~Arietta~ and then Aria the Origination (3rd Season).

This series follows the life of Akari Mizunashi, a former Earth inhabitant that resettles on the planet of Mars in Neo Venezia, a city based after the city of Venice during the 24th Century. Earth and Mars are referred in Aria by different names, Manhome for Earth and Aqua for Mars.

Akari aspires to be a professional gondolier known as Undines, and she must work from apprentice upward. On her way to become an Undine, she meets, befriends and experiences many things that make Aria a very peaceful read.

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