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Aria MMF: Day 2 Monday Links

Today is Monday, and yes I am quite optimistic with how Twitter has it, there is a popular hashtag among manga readers, #mangamonday, that I use. It definitely is a great way to reach me with either links or at my email with gmail. (animemiz [at] gmail [dot] com)

[EDIT] Oh and I also know and gratefully thank others who would be passing along, or trading links back in notification of this event. With events happening in Japan or in other parts of the world, a well as what reality is, participation in this feast is not mandatory, and voluntary. After all this is a fun way to talk about a title.

Manga Village notified me of Alain Mendez or @hisui’s previously written review on Aqua volume 1-2 He speaks about what type of manga this is, and definitely if this title is going to be a page gripper or a tale snoozer. Since running this feast, I am in the latter part of the crowd. So reading this is definitely something I would always recommend, for adults as well as teens.

I updated the blog with a comparison of Aqua and Sailor Moon, since Aqua begins the series, and that is where you meet a portion of the cast.

Tomorrow is is going to be third day. Please spread the word, and as always I am taking reviews on not just the manga, but on the anime as well. With the recent news of pre-orders for Sailor Moon and Sailor V at Rightstuf up.. mighty tempting to throw on the DVD’s for my personal collection as well. ^_^

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