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MMF: Similarities in relationships for Sailor Moon and Aqua

Cosplayers capturing the characters of Akari and Aika

Akari and Aika are Undine’s from two different companies. Akari counts Aika as being her first friend, and they have a relationship that is similar to the relationship that anime fans would most likely see between Usagi and Rei of Sailor Moon. Of course liking both series and probably examining them both is a time commitment. Sailor Moon is examined from the perspective of the first season.

Akari really doesn’t remind me of Usagi, other than the fact that she is the central character that influences change or so to the people around her. She also learns responsibility much like how Usagi powered up. Now Aika reminds me strongly of Rei. Her colors are dominantly red, her heels quite like Sailor Mars. Her passion, and humility just like the fire that is Rei. Aika is quite headstrong and confident, but her shyness leads her to consistently say to Akari and others, “No sappy lines” is just quite cute.

Friendships are maintained and grown, so reading parts in Aria reminds me of how much depth can a relationship between two people can be maintained. Especially if they are of the same gender.. a sisterhood if you must think of a good comparison. Rei and Usagi are the best of friends as to how people would remember from watching Sailor Moon. Now even the possibility of once the girls become full fledged Undines and can’t see each other as much as what happened to Three Water Fairies. Aika is still reassured that she will always be friends with Akari, and this question was actually answered in Aqua Volume 2, while she was sick.

Likewise the relationship between Akari and Akatsuki, while not to the point of identical to Usagi and Mamoru when they first meet, the fact that Akatsuki calls Akari either Ponytails (ADV) or Sideburns (Tokyopop) surely has the whole, Odango Atama or Meatball Head that Mamoru teased Usagi with feel. It is pretty cute, many people would identify that Akatsuki would be having feelings for Akari, and in a school boy crush, would never reveal it. The hopeful possibility to a romanticist like I am, hopes that when Akari eventually decides to retire, then perhaps their relationship can go on the route that is like Aika and Al.

Hmmm, now if you don’t see the similarities or if you see it as a common tool in other shojo series, then that is fine. But one more last thing about Sailor Moon, and by just how excited I am with Kodansha picking it up to be re-released. I commented several about this on other blogs, and Twitter, but to see it being typed down on my own blog is just a very nice feeling.

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