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Aria MMF: Day 3 Tuesday Links

Sorry for how late this recap of Tuesday links is, but today was definitely filled with some good strong links to be aware about. Earlier today I wrote about my experience in watching Yui Makino, and the openings of Aria, the anime.

Sean Gaffney from A Case Suitable For Treatment submits for this MMF, his two posts on Aria and Aqua respectively. Aqua Volume 1 and Aria Volume 6 . Unlike a lot of other bloggers, Sean, I notice reviews manga series volume by volume, and he brings out a lot of valid thoughtful points, on what makes certain series tick. I can always hope that even with low book sales that perhaps, Teen librarians can uses this as a good series in a book talk.
Libraries are pretty good consumers of manga, since a lot of books for teenagers are by word of mouth.

Lori Henderson of Manga Xanadu also shares her post on Aqua Volumes 1 and 2 today. Lori speaks about how slow paced, yet magical, reading Aqua is for her. She points yet one of my faves, on how cats are a great point in this series.

I hope that people do enjoy reading or watching this series. Since I was in the mopes about wanting to see the anime again, I ended up, the time before yesterday and today, with purchasing the first season. So for those that are not reading, definitely should check out the anime series. There are some small points that are different from the manga. Aria the anime, does cover several volumes in the Aria the manga.

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