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Aria MMF: Day 4 Wednesday Links

We’ve reached the middle point of this feast, and I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing the links keep a coming. As I write along with entries of my own, I will be accepting, and then recapping it by next Monday, so I definitely invite people to continue to write more about this series, up to 11:59pm.

Tokyopop has only published up to only volume 6 is not enough, and if this is a license rescue, I definitely don’t want to see its run end here, and then have to restart over again with another publisher. With what I hear with DMP Guild, acquiring and maintaining licenses are not cheap.

Ash Brown of Experiments in Manga submits his review on Aqua Volume 1 and very much as what he said in his post on continuing to read, this is definitely a mantra with a lot of manga readers. I definitely commend this MMF to actually be an influence for readers to push through reading this wonderful series. If not from Aqua, you can be as Akari rows, there is really no need to read this series in linear fashion, but yes if you’re like Akari and can be rowing really fast from backwards, how about it?

Derik Badman of The Panelists revisits Aria and talks about how its repetition art styles, narrative writing style can appeal to readers more or less, but on the whole can be a deeper read than what general classification labels it. In this entry, he also writes heavily on a sensation of nostalgia, that is very quintessential on treating this future on how Mars is sustained for life. The series never shows how Manhome is like in the series, only through the eyewitness accounts of characters, can you see a reality that is Earth. Now Derik has also written about Aqua/Aria on three occasions before in the past, so please be sure to check it out. Aqua Volume 1Aria Volumes 1 to  3 and Aria Volume 5.

Ed Sizemore of MangaWorthReading.com as well as MangaOutloud Podcast supplies what has been to my knowledge fascinating podcast conversations of MMF since last year. I actually was on a previous Podcast conversation, so this is my “second” experience podcasting with Ed and others.  I am continually thankful that Ed has included my pretty much rambling, yet passionate thoughts on this subject. This conversation was recorded last Saturday just a day before MMF began. So speaking with Ed, Johanna, and Matt has definitely brought to mind what entries I can, and have been writing about this series.

Zzeroparticle of Anime Instrumentality has a wonderful review on Aria’s Soundtrack Collection, of course it is woefully out of print, so I really can’t emphasize on how much the music soundtrack compliment the series.

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