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MMF: Orange Planet’s own Alice Carroll

Comparing Alice to Akari is similar to comparing apples and oranges. She is a character that Amano introduces in Aqua‘s last chapter without much fanfare or introduction, and then formally introduced in Aria‘s Volume 3. Since I recall her story in the anime, I read chapters of her with a bit more excitment, and can profess to say that I have started to say that I have started to fall in love with her again.

Alice represents a type of person, you definitely have to try and befriend in order to see the warmth of her personality. Already considered to be a young and talented training Undine at age 14, and living within a large company as  Orange Planet. Alice grows on you. I find that naming her after Lewis Carroll’s famous character shows off an inquisitive mind that seeks to not be forgotten.

Alice is a very sweet character, that matures with her friendship with Akari and Aika. As with many other anime or manga series, her age in relation to other older characters fits her into a mindset for me, of her being how a more reserved Skuld from Ah My Goddess, or Chiyo from Azamanga Daioh. I also enjoy her expression when she turns like this, Amano creates a different look for characters that definitely show a light heart side of taking on the situation.

I also want to comment on her relationship with Maa-shachou, who is introduced in Volume 6, and let’s just say Alice meeting Maa, to the point of giving her up, definitely made me tear up. Of the three cat presidents, other than Aria, Maa shares a spot in my mind as to who I would love to look at. It warms me to no end, on seeing how Alice holds and care for her.

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