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MMF: President/Cats or just feline bundles of love?

I confess that I have only become a cat lover, when I first took in my own cat Tommy, over 10 years ago, and up to now at moments I do wonder why I happen to love cats. However loving the three presidents are only a sign that I am completely and utterly a feline admirer. I go all mushy and gooey when I see the three Presidents. If I had a choice I will go and hug/cuddle all of them! Please excuse me if this post becomes very fangirly.

Memorable Aria (アリア社長) moments:

  • Shows himself off as an adventurer: Running away from home or becoming a masked hero.
  • Shows off the fact that he’s a true Martian cat: His running interactions with Caith Sith. Also his “Nyu” and other cat sounds. ( I seriously adore cat sounds!)
  • Shows off the fact that he tries to be a attentive lover: His interactions with Hime, especially when I recall that food sharing moment. Not sure who to emphasize with more, Aria for trying too hard or Hime having standards.
  • Shows a side of him that loves Aria Company: He’s consistently worrying about his responsibilities as president, how he knows how to face job situation, by replacing his normal president hat, with the hats of those other occupations.

Memorable  Hime (ヒメ社長) moments:

  • Shows off what panel time she has: You don’t really get to see Hime, unless she’s with Aika.
  • Shows off her cat personality: She is a cat of refined grace, and poise. She is definitely the face of Himeya as a long lasting presence.
  • Shows off a silly view of her: Her with a shower cap at the bathhouses/hot springs with the others.

Aria, and Hime are introduced in Aqua, and Maa in Aria's later volumes.

Maa (まぁ社長) Memorable Moments:

  • Showing off the fact that she’s a kitty: She’s tiny, and so very cute. Her coloring is my favorite, since it is the color of my tuxedo cat. Also since she’s still a kitty, her youth shows a new and growing vitality the Orange Planet has.
  • Showing off her great personality: initial moment when she latched onto Alice, how she eats, and how she got named.
  • Showing an endearing side of her: Her attachment/sucking ability is enough to make Aria cry. At those moments I really pity Aria, but darned if it is not Schadenfreude, happiness at the misfortune of others.

*Her gender is already revealed in the anime, so I fell very hard for Maa in the anime.

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