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MMF: Dissecting Neo Venezia as an environment and thinking about Japan

Consider the roles of the poeple in background have.

When Akari meets Woody in Volume 4, she learns of how Neo-Venezia operates as a city. How job roles are important, and can enhance a city’s life. Of course when I read this, I mentally smiled since it takes me back to my undergraduate education of learning about urban geography. Just how important an environment, and its inhabitants can fulfill a city to reach its potential?

For Neo Venezia and Aqua, there’s the Underground Gnomes’ gravity regulation, Land Undine/Mail water transport, Ai Slyhs’ transport, and Sky Salamander’ climate regulation. Of course, this adds to the prestige of how a city can appear to Manhome’s visitors, and since Neo-Venezia is a tourist spot, its role is to of course share a place of comfort and relaxation for visitors to spend money there.

There are so much to just be in awe and soothe by Neo Venezia, that here is a list of aspects in the manga, that has made me just think.

  • I can’t wish hard enough for a chance to visit Venice of course. Just like how that cafe episode makes me sigh, and think of the famed Piazza San Marco.
  • There is then the episode where the Akari, Aika and Alice go on a treasure hunt around the city, and discover that perfect viewing spot of Neo Venezia.
  • How about that part where Alicia takes Akari for her promotion on becoming a Single, and they go to the part where they wait to be raised in that canal elevator. Great engineer technique right, of damning and using water as a power force, very environmentally conscious?
  • Then there is that part where Akari and Alicia go on that day trip to end up at an abandoned train track, how an environment can change its environment after a period is just a wonder of nature. Or when Akari and Aika follow President Aria though the old parts of Neo-Venezia. Or how about that hotel that got converted to a hot spring. Very delightful to be mentioned in Aqua on how an old environment is revitalized and reused.

Hearing about the infrastructure, it is certainly heart breaking to know what has happened in Japan, with the March 11, tsunami. Infrastures and environments have collapse with cities and locations. Many cities on the North Japan were tourist locations. As with how Neo Venezia developled, can those locations ever regain the glory of pre-tsunami years? Knowing about the cleanup is certainly going to be hard, since there is just so much to cleanup, and rebuild.That’s one thing that Aria as a manga will not go into, the details of waste and dirt, it had been years since Mars was terraformed into Aqua. Then comparing it with post-tsunami Japan, reality vs. fiction. The casualty rate of the tsunami/earthquake has reached over 10,000, so the idea of how many individuals lost is really sad. As of now, there is still donations being collected, and a sincere wish for  Japan to rebuild.

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