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Aria MMF: Day 7 Saturday links

Technically this should be the last day of this Manga Movable Feast, but since I am still waiting for perhaps some more people who want to participate, and possibly appear at the last minute to notify me, then that would be fine. I would be labeling Monday’s entry, Post Aria MMF thoughts to sum up final thoughts to what I already find this week’s interesting MMF.

So this morning, Michelle Smith of Soliloquy in Blue sent me over her view on Aqua’s volumes 1 and 2.What I found points of agreement on was her points on the architecture buffs and of course I am going to recommend that for reviewers in this MMF, who discovered that they enjoyed Aqua or Aria, that they should definitely check out the first anime season for Aria. It is avaliable readily through Netflix to borrow or RightStuf.

Then midday, I found out that Connie of Slightly Biased Manga, mentioning of a RoundTable Discussion over at Manga Village. She still put in time with MMF, to review Aria Volume 6 and from there talks about a personal difficulty of keeping up with the reading it all at once, but to take it slowly at a time. Smelling roses was a great comparison, it led me to think about Festa Del Bocolo in volume 3, where of course, roses are given from a man to a woman.. ^_^

Just couldn't resist, throwing in an image.

Okay, okay before the image gets too distracting, can you see the roses?

Manga Village is a round table party between Connie, Justin Colussy-Estes, Lori Henderson and Amy Grocki, all discussing interesting questions such as, what appealed them to this series, would it work with/without science fiction genre, character points, and of course its unique publishing history in English. What an interesting conversation, wondering how this conversation was done, chat, phone? Ahhh the possibilities. I like that about discussions and debates, so much potential for answers. ^_^

Now I actually wrote something over at Anime Diet covering Aria’s Japanese artbooks, and of course with my Saturday purchase of a fourth art book by Amano Kozue, the link has become slightly outdated. I certainly did not expect to find out about a fourth art book, but grabbed it I did. Much to the sadness of my wallet, and the happiness of my manager friend at Kinokuniya. (>_<)

Also as for posting of this “late” link roundup, I see that TheBigN, actually emailed me more links to look over, but I definitely have to have something to talk about tomorrow!

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