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Two Ghibli Shorts Screened One Night Only at Carnegie Hall

This past weekend, I was happy to have the chance to go and watch two Studio Ghibli museum shorts that was screened for the first time outside of Japan.

Before the shorts began, there was a bit of a speech about the status of Studio Ghibli. It is fine, and very much like any Tokyo busines that got disrupted from operations for about two weeks. Now with compliance to the blackouts, Tokyo is acting in a normal fashion, albeit with full compliance to the blackouts. They are currently collecting donations and supplies for relief in Northern Japan, and also showing screenings of museum shorts to the children and evacuation centers. .

So this is my third time encountering the Museum shorts, these are typical 15 minute short films that is shown as a bonus if you visit Studio Ghibli at Mitaka, Japan. Taking a trip to Mitaka is like visiting a location like Roosevelt Island, or even the Cloisters, that’s how close, and yet how distinctively far that the museum is.

The first short is Yadosagashi, with a girl that reminds me of Ursula from Kiki’s Delivery Service. The first time I saw this short, I wasn’t so sure about the story, but with watching this a second time, and knowing what the hirigana was talking about. I actually was pretty tickled by how funny parts actually  were.  Yes, when she fed the insects, it reminds me of that part out from Spirited Away.

The second short is Mizugumo Monmon, with a survival story of a water spider. When you stare at this cute depiction of a water spider, your heart melts a little.  Realizing how much difficulties/predators he has, yes you can show compassion for him. Then his falling in love with the water strider is pretty sweet. However, if you try to put anything with more than one leg or eye, besides me at home. I will react like Garfield does with spiders. Insects are pretty creepy.

I do know about these movies as appropriate for children. When I visited Studio Ghibli Museum, it is meant as a reminder enjoyment for Ghibli’s accomplishment, but by and large the museum is a facility meant for children to enjoy, much like a visit to the Hall of Science, or the Children Museum. So with the screening of these movies, it was an opportunity to view movies relatively not avaliable anywhere else unless you visit or live in Tokyo for a year.  I am still determine to one day see Mei and the Kittenbus. So I am unsure of the success of this event.

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