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One Pound Gospel pounds a way to your heart!

Kosaku is a boxer who loves food, and has issues with weight gain, much to the frustration of his Coach Mukoda. In the first chapter, he falls in love with Sister Angela, a nun from the local convent. This is a classic four volume tale of an unlikely couple from Rumiko Takahashi. Each chapter pretty much has Kosaku facing different rounds, as well as try to express his affection to Angela.

Many readers may find this tale probably offensive on the religious aspect, but I find that as an interesting plot mechanism. As far as I am aware, Japan as a country only has a small percentage of Christians. It is primarily a country seeped with traditions in Shintoism or Buddhism. So the mention of Angela as a nun is unique and interesting, since I can think of other ways a nun can be done. In this instance though, love really has no boarders for Kosaku.

I am disappointed that this series had only four volumes. There are characters and background introduced toward the latter part of the series, that made the ending a very rushed feeling. I certainly didn’t expect the ending to end the way it did! There really is no possibility of redoing this series, but reading this series definitely made me realize the creativity of Takahashi.

For One Pound Gospel, there has been an anime OVA, and it was great in animating what I read in the manga. It runs up to the point of when Kosaku boxes Jiro Amakusa who is a character featured in the first volume. Then the ending of Cry No More by Mari Hamada as the ending theme is a great upbeat song!

There has also been a live action series that starred Kuroki Meisa, and Kazuya Kamenashi. The live action series is an adaption of the manga, with several inclusion and changes of characters. It fleshes out stories of the manga, and actually has an ending. Since this live action also has nine episodes, there were definitely parts included that were not in the manga. Still to see a perspective of One Pound Gospel, as a live action, then watching this adaption is fine.

I really would recommend One Pound Gospel as a title to consider and watch.. so you can clearly see this as a preference aspect. So this is one title contribution to MMF for this month. Check out other entries at

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  1. April 25, 2011 at 11:10 am

    This is a great write-up of One Pound Gospel!

  2. April 26, 2011 at 4:50 pm

    Thank you.. ^_^ Definitely looking at MMF and it looks great. Lots of interesting posts. Just hopping that I won’t fall flat.. since I really like Takahashi’s work.

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