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Fire Tripper…. Classic, but poignant!

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As a short manga story/anime OVA within Takahashi’s Rumic World series, I watched Fire Tripper‘s OVA when I was quite young, and got the chance to read the manga when I was in Junior High School. For a long time Fire Tripper stood out to me as a happy end story, and a series that I liked more than Ranma 1/2 romance complications. This is definitely a pre-cursor to Inu Yasha‘s own ending.

Suzuko is a high school aged girl that finds herself thrown back to a feudal Japan, with her neighbor Shuhei. She meets a warrior known as Shukumaru, and her life is forever changed with this meeting. You can read the complete spoilers to the series on Wikipedia, or even watch the short OVA on Youtube.

People can criticize it on being a very superficial story, but if you ask me, what makes this as a story that stood out in my mind. It is the courage on how characters definitely adapted to where they lived. Giving up a life in a specific time or area takes a lot of courage. But then how can a person mature or grow up? Likeliness of this story ever happening in reality is quite impractical, for for time paradox fans, this is a type of story to see.

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