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MMF: Finding Horror in the Tragedy of Death

Gintoki and Shimpachi, horrified to be among the dead.

Death and the supernatural is a subject of interest, because it explains the unknown. Think then, the richness available in manga of this genre. October for the western culture is a month ripe for wanting to find the scare factor and though horror manga, is not a genre for everyone. I would have nightmares from reading Uzumaki. Though, it is still a genre to be aware about. I am throwing my bolts on recommending some titles.

The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, written by Eiji Ōtsuka and illustrated by Housui Yamazaki. It is released by Dark Horse, there are 12 volumes out in the United States (13 in Japan). This is a series for the CSI or Body of Proof fans, as a college club, with supernatural powers ultimately gives a voice to those who die in vain. Personally I enjoy the rich intricate stories there is as readers go through the eyes of the club on figuring out whodunit.

Velveteen and Mandala, by Jiro Matsumoto. Released by Vertical and concluded in one volume. This book is definitely going to either gross or creep the heck out of you. But if you’re a zombie, social deviant fan, and you like to see the tragedy of two seriously delusional chicks, check this book out. Just thinking about this world’s background is a horror filled one, even though there are so much wrong things about how this story panned out. Similar to The Lychee Light Club, another Vertical release, these books for me proved on how deprived some minds are.

Youkai Doctor. This was previously released by Del Rey, and they never finished the series, with Kodansha reclaiming licenses. So I can only hope that they would eventually finish this series. I found the concept of a monster doctor healing sick demons refreshing. Under the cute manga drawings, is the seriousness and horror of what is beyond where there is no light. Youkai Doctor is a similar read to Yokaiden or Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan.

Urameshiya. The first volume available on Jmanga.com, and at this time there is a sale. There are only three chapters, and of them there is horror and tragedy with the first two chapters. The first chapter has the message of never make promises you are unwilling to keep, lest you want to be dragged off the bridge by a scorned ghost. Second chapter has the message of don’t accept the advances of a woman with a reputation of being a man eater, lest you want to lose your penis to the wrath of a vengeful lover. Similar read to this is Jigoku Shoujo

There are definitely other interesting titles and entries discussed, and the archive for this month’s MMF is here.

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    intense stuff!

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