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Updates and clarifications..

We’re going into the second month of the Western new year, and we’re still in the midst of the Lunar New Year….which I forego mentioning or doing much about this year. I really must try to pick up myself from my dredges. It has been a rough personal latter part of 2011.. and with the uncertainty of the New Year. I wanted to states some plans and what I have been currently doing.

I have a lot of independent projects, and often I spend days just thinking about writing, while not necessarily completing it. I hope to be able to fix that this year. One thing I have been pretty good on using this site currently for is to write my own thoughts on various months of Manga Movable Feast, unless I count some times dragging Anime Diet into this loop.

I started last year with being part of a working unit of Digital Manga Guild’s localization groups, and is in the midst of my second project. So I am quite happy with what I am editing, still things are a work in progress.

I dusted off my Tumblr account, of which I named it Dabbles.. so far I am trying to consolidate my social identity and I guess it is a goal this year to not spread myself as thin. Somehow I don’t see that resolving anytime soon.. as there are lots of social media initiatives I find myself in.. like G+.

What else is happening…. La Arc en Ciel concert is in March… and I have an extra ticket or two available. I imagine this year of being able to focus more on origami.

Personally I am still trying to catch up with anime, but being that I am a couple of seasons behind. I find myself not as able to marathon new series as much. The only anime I have really kept aligned with is Gintama. Still manga I am also trying to get my grips with. So occasionally you’ll see more of a focus on manga.

I am still reachable by Twitter or gmail. So hopefully I would be able to focus on writing more for this site… without going as much on tangent as I am prone to. Some small aspirations this year, participate in podcasts or organize chat cast opportunities. Stay in some form of updates with blogs I read, otherwise I’ll be swimming in old news.

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