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Manga License for Umi no Toriton (海のトリトン)

海のトリトン by Osamu Tezuka

How can a non-Japanese reader sum up Umi no Toriton or Triton of the Sea? From my childhood experience of the anime series from the latter 80’s, I know this is an adventure/vengeance type story about an orphan named Triton. The anime ran for 27 episodes in the 1970’s. Before the anime though, there was a four volume manga series that was drawn by Osamu Tezuka in the late 1960’s to 70s.

As a infrequent reader of Tezuka’s works, and browsing Helen McCarthy The Art of Osamu Tezuka’s book, I was surprised to realize that a childhood anime series of mine was a Tezuka work. If possible I would like to see this series released in English to satisfy a curiosity of mine. This is definitely not one of Tezuka’s famous works, yet I am pretty hopeful that it would be translated in English. This was a long running title that ran for about two years with a page a day in a Japanese newspaper. The comics were then compiled and Kodansha published it. With Kodansha setting up a division in the United States, I do wonder if they would ever consider releasing this as an omnibus title.

This is a classic anime that had me awing as a young child at how cool Toriton rode his dolphin friend, and just how spoiled Pippy the mermaid was. Then there was the mothering of Ruka the dolphin. Her three children Iru, Karu and Fin were also quite lively. With the mention of the animals in this series, reminds me of just how much “life” Tezuka was in giving a role for non-humans. Buddha, Phoenix, and Kimba are among other Tezuka titles where I feel gave a significant roles for non-humans.

Obviously the anime is different from the manga, but this is an entry/thought/draft that was in my pile of posts to be written more than a couple of months ago, and inspired by Celestial Kitsune’s post on anime openings and endings from the 70’s. Months went by as this entry waited for me to go back it, but since this week is Tezuka MMF, I figure I should dust this post off and publish it. If you want to see any of the other entries in this week’s MMF, check Kate’s archive here.

If you’re interested, check out this anime’s rendition with clips from the anime series. This is the actual opening to the series. Then there’s another instrumental version of the song. Really nostalgic, if you’ve heard other similar type openings.

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