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Cleaning bookshelf… weeding thoughts and Manga Sale

Recently have spent time organizing and reshuffling my bookshelf. Until I can keep my bookshelf organize, I doubt my bookshelves would even look as neat or as awesome as a recent “Show us your stuff” category I see over at Kate‘s (Manga Critic’s) blog. The photo above is a snippet of my still crowded, yet breathing bookcase.

Still I can only say that I am either slowly or rapidly “decimating” my book shelves… in hopes to actually make more room for later purchases. This is a regular librarian/bibliophile practice that I call weeding. Why do I call it a healthy practice? Because it brings a vital working life to books, and want they can mean to me. Weeding is another way know just what your preference of reading or noting what type of books you still want to hang on to.

My last clearing, had me removing various graphic novels, video game strategy guide, cleared some more spots in my already cramped room. Often I make various trips over to Strand or BookOff, where they are my solution of painlessly as possible extricating myself from books in hopes of them finding a wanted home.

I wished that I had taken advantage of the Manga/Anime swap at MangaNext, but that weekend quickly passed. Not sure if AnimeNEXT even have a swap. Still I want to at least see if anyone would consider wanting these books. So I am taking an example from Daniella’s blog on offering some graphic novels or one example of a non-fiction piece here. These are print, and they may or may not have shelf wear. I would offer them at around $4 a book with shipping costs. If there is more than one book brought, I’ll throw in free shipping. Payment are to be through PayPal.

Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne vol 1-7 (CMX)
Queen of Ragtonia vol 1 (Aurora)
Go West vol 2-4 (CMX)
Love Potion (DMP)
Kire Papa (Deux)
The Devil’s Secret (801 Media)
Rabbit Man Tiger Man vol 1 (June)
Manga Sutra vol 1 (Tokyopop)

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