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Review on Jmanga’s release of 100 Blossoms to Love

I definitely am planning to review Taniguchi’s Kodoku no Gourmet next week for MMF. So this is going to be a bit of a sidetrack. This is something I read recently that left me with such a warm feeling, that I can’t help but gush over it here. It hit upon themes I really like to read about, protective seme’s, manly.. yakuza… (sighs).. reading themes like this it is in the step of appreciating bara. (There..I disclose my thematic love for bl…not that you haven’t seen me dropping hints here and there..)

Jmanga as it shows from their recent releases of yuri and bl manga, are definitely hitting it big with the niche releases. Save for kissing panels, 100 Blossoms to Love is a tame one-shot book with not a lot of explicit scenes at all, so I definitely don’t see a problem with recommending it for men to read it.

Kotaro as the heir to a yakzua clan, wants to find someone he would call Big Brother. He ends up one day seeing Toraji rescue a bystander. This attracts Kotaro and he ends up becoming a fan/stalker of Toraji who is a local florist. Not telling Toraji his background, these two embark on a friendship that definitely turns into something more.

Somethings.. that I thought about… I wished they showed more of the tattoos in the characters drawn. It cracked me up when I read, as Kotaro watches a yakuza movie.. with the dying man.. saying “I lo..” so as a reader you’re left wondering is it.. “I love you?” or “I look up to you..” This is going to be tiny elements of the story.. that I spoiled.

This is a well thought out graphic novel that I read in one sitting, squinting at my laptop’s screen, full screen. Reading the manga, full screen, does allow a reader the ability to zoom in to read the minuscule side texts, which is quite sadly lacking in the Kindle and Nook apps with DMG releases. Something to note, on Jmanga, you have to do a monthly subscription, and keep that subscription to purchase more upcoming manga that they publish weekly.

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