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MMF: The Quest For The Missing Girl

Shiga is a professional mountain climber, who travels down to the city in search of his missing niece, Megumi. Other than being similar to Taniguchi’s  The Summit of the Gods, this is a solid mystery novel that has several things that make this a fantastic afternoon read. Detailed drawing, an engrossing plot, and a message of heroic endeavors. I really don’t want to spoil the story, so I’ll keep this review short. But I have to say, this is the first work I read where, he mentions an urban darker side and outside of a slice of life.

Taniguchi is a great storyteller, and I would recommend his works to any adult readers who would want to read a great story. Since The Walking Man, I found this to be one of my favorite books from Jiro Taniguchi.

MMF this week is drawing to a close, so this is my last article to be added to Ed Sizemore’s archive. I thank him for being a great host. Definitely had fun reading reviews from other manga bloggers, and definitely would hope to read more of Taniguchi’s novels beyond Fanfare or JManga.

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