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Review on Gen Manga’s Kamen volume 1

By Gunya Mihara

Recently I was able to read Kamen volume 1, an ongoing yet compiled doujinshi from Gen Manga. Initially I was given the impression of Utawarerumono, since the protagonist is wearing a mask, and the setting is a “historical warring” piece. There is a clear difference though, and the story has an inclusion of perhaps science fiction or fantasy themes. Whatever it is, the abilities of certain characters in this story are not of the norm. This story though, is more slice of life than say the paranormal aspect of a manga like Bleach. Along with the action driven cover, there are scenes/battles in volume 1 that conveys a keen awareness of moment.

Volume 1 left me wondering if there is going to be more in-depth exploration into the supporting characters, other than the nameless masked protagonist. I can only hope that the situation of the characters toward the end of volume 1 won’t necessarily end up being like the Battle of the Almo in American history.

Kamen had begun running in Gen Manga since issue 1. Volume 1 covers up to a forthcoming issue 10. I checked issue 9, and there are extra pages in volume 1, that is surely covered in 10. With the exception of the ramen manga, I have decided to try and wait out reading some of the doujinshi’s in Gen as they are “compiled” into volumes. As of now, Kamen vol 1 exists as a PDF, and there is also the high chance of it being available in print.

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