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MMF: Bokurano Ours

I always thought that Bokurano was another retelling of Evangelion since this is a story about youths forced to large alien invaders, while piloting within an ever-changing organic mecha themselves. On another aspect though, with reading the story after the Japanese earthquake last year, I found another comparison of Bokurano‘s cast to the Fukushima workers whose identity has been shrouded in secrecy by government.

On average of about one to two chapters feature a child pilot’s story, their struggles or reasoning on their motivation is explained. It ends up either pitying the child or thinking just how selfish their reasoning is. This is a humanistic military battle story that I continue to read for “witnessing” or be immense into what would happen to these characters. But it just goes to show that the cast in this series are cogs in a machine. Life is often not fair, but to survive what measures has to be taken?

There has been an anime adaptation to this story, but for now Viz has been able to publish and bring out this series, so it is going to join a growing list of anime that I have to maybe watch. Now the archive for MMF this month is hosted here.

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