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MMF: Black Lagoon

An aspect of Black Lagoon manga that stands out is just how many gun fighting scenes there is. My experience with series is similar to other readers of this series as being initially exposed to the anime, but Viz has translated the manga superbly. There is an ongoing compilation of nine volumes released, and it looks like Rei Hiroe while not done with the series, but has been on a hiatus with it.

Reighborhood is a recent artbook of Hiroe, dealing with military and females. If that doesn’t pander to an intended fandom, then it certainly wouldn’t have caught my eye. I happened to review Barrage an artbook of his that does cover Black Lagoon artwork.

There’s several memorable scenes in the manga, that otherwise wouldn’t have been adapted by the anime and vice versa. It has been a while since I have seen the anime, but in comparison to the manga, there is definitely richer dialogue (minus the blatant cursing many characters does in this series.)

Black Lagoon has a cast of very strong female characters, all of which are weapon killing machines. I often love how there is a silly omake at the end of volumes. This is a series that is not meant to be read by children, and for that I wouldn’t recommend this series to a child. This is series meant to be enjoyed by an adult who at least knows something of the world.

The characters introduced in this series are quite the realist, with their idea on how to keep their sanity and survive in this world. Either kill or be killed. When there are no scenes of shoot em ups, technically the livelihood of many places are quite equatorial and laid back, with a clear view of the open sky as seen from the sea.

How much sanity Revy kept in her killing is unknown, but with the introduction of Rock as a normal character thrown in this dark vigilante world. Readers would have to wonder post volume 9 what eventually would happen? Though there are definitely a lot of possibilities. The theme though would be pretty redundant if they introduce another enemy, so at this point there is potential to explore what has made Revy become what she is by bringing in a face familiar to her?

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